Where are items from corpses listed? like bones, brains, etc

I’m trying to make a “trophies” mod for the game (because its not the apocalypse until you can put somebody’s head on a stick as a warning, dangit!) but i’m having trouble finding out where stuff like bones are located.
How/where should I put an item that would be “harvested” from bodies?
I think I understand the whole “type” and “id” stuff you have to add when making an item but what I should classify it as and how to get the game to recognize it is a mystery to me

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They are located in the harvest.json file.

After you’ve defined your item, you have to add it as a harvest type (see mammal_fur as a random example).
You either have to add to / redefine existing entries, or create a new one and then link that one to a monster by redefining the "harvest": entry on the monster itself.

I know that, but what I’m asking here is where do I put the thing before I start adding harvesting

To clarify if I were add something like “hskull” where I put an entry that tells the game what hskull is and where to grab it from

That… is what the id and type entries are for… As long as it’s somewhere, the game will find and use it.
You can find more information on modding generally explained here and explained more in detail here.

This sounds like it could be really cool.
Imagining a psychopath character collecting the heads of all the NPCs they come across
One man’s hellscape apocalypse is another man’s paradise