So are the default harvest entries hardcoded?

I am trying to edit the harvest entry for default zombies as while this will likely unbalance the game heavily make it so like with a normal dead human they give usable skin. However if I edit the zombie entry in the harvest.json it seems like this change is completely ignored but if I change which harvest entries the zombie butcher table draws from it work just fine. I even make a copy of the entry but change the identifier which works fine. With all that despite there being harvest entries it seems the tables for probably all of the original monsters is still hardcoded.

what are you calling the butcher table?
What was the edit you did to harvest entry?

I m pretty sure there is no hardcoded things left for harvests

In the default zombie entry I added the tainted hide as a butcher product but made it similar to the default human ratio. However when loaded into the game a zombie butchering option will still say no skin even though I added an entry for it.

Edit: while I haven’t tested it with the version that actually says that the corpse has no skin but before increasing the mass ratio of the added item did not help.

Could you please post your JSON?

Sure, wait till this afternoon pst when I get home from school.

While I will have to confirm this later I checked on github and saw that magiclysm had its own zombie harvest entry which would override the default one. So it’s probably just a case of I didn’t check if the thing I edited in the base game was being overridden by my modded save.