When you're hit while picking up stuff

Yeah. I just died while I was picking up a huge pile of stuff. I know it wasn’'t the best of plans when I was surrounded, but I did. Anyway, there should be a thing for when you’re picking up things and then you get hit by something.

"Something hit you! Continue to pick up stuff? y/n?

Never actually died from it, but nearly did so several times for doing the same thing; ninja skitterbot shocks are not fun when picking up a stockpile of CBMs in labs. I’d even take it a step further and request for a similar prompt if a hostile enemy comes into view, or when a noise is heard.

What exactly is the problem with picking things up one or a few at a time when in a dangerous situation? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is possible, but surprisingly complicated to implement.

Well, look at this for an example.

Your in the forest, with your now out of gas car.
You want to take the stuff in the trunk, so you press , to take all of them.
You however, don’t see the jabberwock sign on the compass(?) thing in the corner, and it comes rushing to you.
Jabberowock kills you while you’re too dumb to stop picking up stuff and face the thing that was hitting you.