Wheelbarrow - a Simple 'Vehicle' for Transporting Goods

I… actually really like that solution. The whole shopping cart/handcart idea is pretty appealing. It’d be nice to be able to load a pile of stuff into a cart so you can move around more stuff than you can normally carry. Sort of serving the role of car trunks without needing to worry about gasoline (and without the added speed).

Having to abandon a bunch of gear in a cart because the cart is slowing you down and you’re being chased by zombies would make for one of those rough sacrificial decisions that Cata could always use more of.

I think it’d actually be kind of nice to be able to push vehicles around (perhaps tied to your strength) in a limited (extremely slow) capacity. At least for smaller cars it’s not that hard to get them rolling on a flat road. I’d just make it more likely to lose control of the car and preferably, if/when a ‘weariness’ or ‘endurance’ system gets added, this would be extremely draining making it hard to do over more than a relatively short distance… But I think it’d be nice to be able to push dead cars (with tires) off of roads, for example. Without having to ram them. Or pushing it down the road to a nearby gas station because you ran out before you could make it. Or even pushing dead cars around to form obstacles, blocking off alleys and roads (makeshift barricade) and forcing zombies to crawl over them, slowing them down.

I wanna be able to push cars out of the way and form barricades with them.

Possible sled recipe!
Requires a hammer, a wood saw and a construction skill of 3.
6 two by fours
20 nails
And I wanna be able to hitch it to a deer and ride it around. Actually, I wanna just ride animals in general. And paint the sled. Or paint anything.

Not sure how would you make a cart…

Looting in this game is such a drag. I haven’t seen any carts, wheelbarrows, or sleds yet and my bicycle only carries 20L or something reasonable like that. Do we have wheelbarrows yet? I’m trying to find out. I didn’t see any way to craft one. Pushing cars would also be great. I’ve done it lots of times, so it is realistic provided there are wheels. None of the vehicles have more than a couple percentage fuel so I’m not really driving anything.

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Yes, there are carts for sure - Shopping carts can be found in grocery stores, hardware stores, etc fairly regularly, and exactly as useful as you’d hope at 150L capacity. Wheelbarrows are also in, haven’t seen one recently so don’t know the capacity.

With a bit of mechanics skills, you could also make your own outta some scrap materials.

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I’m glad that there are better ways to move things around, but I’m feeling burnt out on this game. Props to the developers for trying to make a simulation with this much detail. Unfortunately, the game is still far too limiting. I could have done way more in real life than I am able to do in this simulation and rather than being a model of reality that works in predictable ways it is a very boring game of solitaire which requires the player to study and learn the simulation because it only works in the limited ways that it was programmed to. Over nearly two weeks I have only survived a single week in game and I enjoyed about an hour or two of the experience when events were actually taking place. If I get the bug to come back, I’ll try studying the code and making some contributions. Then I would at least be working on something real.

Something to consider is that in the real world almost every household has a collection of most of the things and there are countless ways to accomplish most goals. I think players might be wise to crank up the item spawn rate, though I haven’t tried it yet. If every house had most of the stuff already then players could be focused on finding the rare items which would actually be difficult to find. Just as the inventory screens have favorites, it may be useful if things can be marked as “uninteresting”. In an abundant world full of things the player could then mark all of the stuff they already have as uninteresting and as they explore only short lists of novel items would appear in the “g”, “/”, and “w” inventories. It might also be nice to have something like the “a” mode in the “/” AIM which includes all items within line of sight and not just the items in the surrounding 9 spaces. Perhaps it would be a “v” mode.

A workable solution I found for hauling things in lieu of a wheelbarrow or a functional vehicle is to load up a reinforced trash bag, or even a pile of them and other large objects and then move them home with the “\” feature.