Whats up with the Unread category?

I used to think that unread brought up all the stuff you hadn’t read in, order of how recent of activity there had been, but I just looked at 2 three year old topics on top of my list, in front of things like the Brownlike bears thread and vehicle additions Pack thread. What happened?

I don’t see sort options that would do something like that. Does it have some kind of ‘you might also be interested in X’ formula in play?

Did you dismiss all notifications when you first got back?

It’s possible that deleted necroposts may leave residue in unread.

See PSA: Reset everything to read so it stops bugging you about the 2,000+ unread topics for details about BorkBork’s comment.

As for your question about sorting, I think it is trying to do “smart” ordering, but I don’t know the details.

Ok, thanks, It doesn’t bother me but I was curious what was happening, when 3 year old topics were on top.