What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!

Killed by a giant worm that came out of nowhere.

Well, I guess it came out of the ground.

Well, technically, killed by half a giant worm after I cut it in half.

P.S. Did you know that if a worm is cut in half it may survive, but only half of it. The half that stands no chance takes a while to realize it’s dead though.

P.P.S. Thinking about it, was I finally killed by the half of the worm that swallows stuff, or the half that poops stuff? I’m not sure I want to know.

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Driving around looking for a Mansion/Lab and being deafened by explosions that are seemingly happening underground? Weird part is I’m in the middle of nowhere.

Also, ran over a zombie scientist who was hanging out in the middle of the road with my car, came out to dissect the body and while I was at it a bio operator appeared inside my parked car?!

Beat it to death with my quarterstaff but then a skitterbot also appeared, again inside the car. Beat it to death too, got irradiated while butchering the scientist/bio operator since I didn’t notice the broken bot was leaking radiation.

If you are hearing loud noises from underground in the middle of nowhere, beware.

There be worms in them hills.

I thought that was usually robots vs zombies. Robots win, but zombies keep getting back up.

Looking pretty cosy now :+1:


We all know you don’t have to feed the animals, but it just makes us feel better that they have food and other necessities around them. I even go so far as to do daily deuce sweeps.

If only mining didn’t take such an eternity then exploration underground by mining would actually be a viable thing, perhaps once they’ve implemented cave-ins they’ll allow you to mine a little faster in exchance for the chance of the roof coming down on you if your mined space is bigger than 2x2 and doesn’t have a support pillar somewhere.

Yep, I always feel bad just stuffing them in a closet or something. It doesn’t take much effort to supply some food and bedding even if it is just thematic.

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New player here (hello, everyone!).
After a few tries just to get to understand the game a bit better, I have made my first “true” character: “Old Man Wang”. Well, he’s both short and near sighted, hard of hearing, an heavy sleeper and truth teller (that makes me think a bit of Grandpa Simpson)… and knows kung fu.
So in my mind I pictured him like a chinese senior citizen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Spawned into an evac shelter near the little town of Hamlin to the east, with a fungal tower somewhat too close to the west and a military outpost further away to the southwest.
No problems with the fungi so long, luckily. Wang has spotted a mi-go battling some blobs when he ventured a bit to the north: when it attacked and killed a moose, Wang decided to confront it for the spoils (that was a lot of meat and other resources after all!).
It took some 6 bullets from a 9mm pistol he had found earlier to scare the mi-go away: a victory nonetheless and there also where a few dead people and their goodies around. Mostly drugs. Maybe drug smugglers?
Anyway most of the meat spoiled: Wang learned he would need to get better skills and equipment to start to preserve the food he found.

Now 14 days after the apocalypse: Hamlin it’s almost free.
Wang has acquired both the ingredients and the cooking skill to preserve fresh food for quite a long time. A couple funnels keep an alluminium keg and a plastic jerrican full, so water is no longer a problem.
Decent equipment and a shopping cart to move stuff: manufactured a couple of grenades with birdshot.
Also, the town is full of vehicles: even a few humvee and an APC! One electric car with intact solar panels, too. Might get to work on some vehicle when the town is finally zombie-free.

Funniest moments:
Old Man Wang almost got trapped by zombies into an art gallery: smashed his way out through a glass window, only to discover that police robots are still active.
So what do you do when the fire-hardened arrows of your shortbow bounce off the plating of a police bot? You run away.
And since you are running, you might as well run toward a few zombies, then dart away and let your two enemies massacre each other!
The police bot killed some ten zombies before being destroyed (I think because of a spitter throwing acid at it). Wang killed off the couple zeds still on their feet and butchered all of them before going back to the shelter for dinner and rest.

The morning after Wang is back in town when a riot bot intercepts him. Oh, c’mon!
Same old tactic: Wang ran into the town, down a crossroad and into half a dozen zombies, then hid behing an abandoned humvee. While zombies and bot where exchanging greetings, he ventured further hoping to find another spitter zombie or something, to kill the bot: no luck this time but he managed to lead another dozen zombies to the royal rumble in the street.
A bit of times passed while Old Man Wang ate cracklins while enjoying the show. However, as fun it was seeing the robot thrown away by a zombie brute, the fight was looking inconclusive: the riot bot wasn’t equipped to deal significant damage and the zombies were at most scratching the paint from its metal plate.
Time to end the show with a bang. Literally.
Wang had been training with throwing peebles and marbles just in case such a situation would present itself: so he pulled out one of his homemade grenades and pulled the pin. As it landed precisely in the middle of the brawling mob, Wang ran like hell away: he was barely outside of the blast radius when the bomb went off, just like in a Vin Diesel movie.
20 some zombies and a robocop killed with one fell swoop.
Sadly the humvee got a bit of damage too, but as they say “you can’t make an omelette without blowing up something with homemade explosives”.


(Since I see a lot of people doing them kinda like stories decided to do my own based on what I talked about previously. It is a bit bland but, I had to start another attempt with her so I wanted to chronicle it a bit.)

Freya Valentine, she was once a young woman who was a bit rebellious and hated her modern life. Thirty-seven deaths, Five different cities, Slaughtering hundreds of zombies, her body changing and warping with each successive death all of this has finally taken a toll on her sanity. Her mind was unable to handle the constant reincarnation that has infected her. She became closed off and paranoid.

A psychopath who stopped caring about what she was doing to the undead and others, all she began to care about was not dying. This spread to stop caring about what she ate, she needed to survive and so, dining on her fellow man was no longer inhumane, indeed survival was all that mattered. Her experiences made her better at carrying and storing away items on her person, she could lie with much better skill, She wasted less time reading for time was a precious thing but, the skills books gave her were precious as well. She learned to hide her scent and even walk quietly after all of her mistakes over all of her deaths.

She did not come out unscathed, however, the comfort of substances was a constant desire and thus she grew quickly addicted to them. She found it difficult to fall asleep yet when she did sleep it was heavy for all she wanted was to simply not wake up in the hell that surrounded her life. She was a nervous wreck, jittery and slow, afraid of dying and reincarnating once more. Finally, her fears of dying had made her very trigger happy, whenever she had a gun, she was so tempted to just unload into them and waste the things that haunted her life so much.

She was with regularity waking up as a convict in prisons, perhaps her experiences throughout her deaths and her shifting personality were affecting the places she woke up in? She didn’t know nor really care and on life thirty-eight, she once more awoke in a prison escaping the undead and robots that hounded the place.

Still, she really hoped that this time finally she could live beyond the first season, she could finally put her life in order and maybe recover from the madness. But, that aching feeling in her body told her that she would once more fall to the undead, she would be reincarnated again and she would further fall into the madness of the Cataclysm.


Had to do a restart of my Heli Crash save (stupid prototype robot…). This is definitely one of the more lucky starts I have had so far. After the stopping the bleeding in my right arm at the crash site (which, btw, had no zombie soldiers) I headed south immediately. After only an hour or so, I came upon a LMOE. It is located perfectly by a river, in the middle of a swamp/forest area.

The LMOE had quite a few good tools, a STEN, a home enforcer kit, and a hiking backpack beyond an underground water pump and some food. This will be a perfect place to set up camp. I’ve also always wanted to try river exploring, so once I have a proper base and some skills, I’m gonna build a boat :slight_smile:


Sometimes it can be hard to be alone. Sometimes you need someone to tell you to stick to the plan.

Soon after Hayden started exploring south east, he came across a ranch. Thrilled at the chance to explore the countryside by horse, he tamed a fine specimen and mounted a saddle on it. Feeling the wind, he rode along the road. Only, he shouldn’t have. There were acid ants on the road ahead. Foolingly non-agressive at first. he came too close to a few of them, and they sprayed him and his horse with acid. Having to ride through it, he severely hurt his limbs (and the horse’s) and broke left leg.

It forced him to retreat to the ranch to craft a leg splint. Looks like we won’t be going anywhere far anytime soon.

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The adventures of Gordon Frohman (no relation to Gordon Freeman whatsover) continued after the scape from the lab.

A year has passed, and he managed to rescue four survivors, that had them setting up a camp. One day I forgot to deactivate the hearing suppressor (because dragging a ton of things with the prompt “you hear something, abort?” gets old after 150 tiles) and my survivors got hostile because I forgot to redistribute food, they told me, and I guess they thought Gordon was ignoring them.

Note: That’s what I think happened, because I cannot find another explanation for all the survivors turning hostile on me just because I forgot to redistribute the food before calling them back (I was waiting because three of them were on foraging duty). NPCs reaction should be different between being naturally deaf and being deaf for using the enhanced hearing implant.


It is eleven days into Spring, and Hayden’s legs have finally healed enough that he can take the splints off. They are still very much in poor condition, but at least he can start preparing to take more risks. I’m not sure how he managed, but he did end up taking the horse out for a very short ride south through the forest and the up along the river. It was quite a profitable trip with a Humvee in working condition and a group of soldier corpses. He also found a wreck in the middle of the river. Soon enough he can start rowing south in the tiny boat he made while bored at home.


After over 2 months of scavenging, Eris set up base in one of houses. Her abilities in mechanics and electronics were priceless in this construction. Thanks to it her new station have fridges and freezers with nearly unlimited energy from wind and sun. To lessen consumption of ammunition, she started training with spear.

Note: We need more energy!!!


Claribel Burrows, who I was supposed to be killing a Jabberwock for, just walked through my car and stole a whole ton of stuff. Including a mission critical element. Wouldn’t even trade me back for them.

That’s one mission I failed. I joined Team Jabberwock.

The joke was on me, though, while I was fighting she used both of MY emp grenades on me.1.


im currently experiencing random crash and just figured out what causing it…

a freaking pigeon can’t figure out how to move to pavement.


Thank you! Now I just crying and lauging at the same time!

Well, this is certainly new.

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Alita crept along the darkened corridor, instinctively moving in a ready stance. There was something terribly wrong with her body and her last clear memory was of being defeated by Novas goons before she woke up here, wherever “here” was…

Got a bit burnt out on Arshes, between the massive mana pool and really good artifacts she’s OP as hell and running out of stuff to find. I’ve accomplised most of wanted to do with her so I’m giving her a break for a while and starting up something new. Enter Alita (yes, that one), prototype cyborg, bottom of the lab start with full “megacity” 16 size/0 spacing game settings to represent The Scrapyard. Loads of bad starts later and I finally manage to get the card and get somewhere safe, “escaped” on day 3 or so but there were too many zombies on the surface to really get anywhere. The lab has been surprisingly short of books so I’ve been sitting on my hands alot, there is an autodoc here but my skills really suck at the moment so until I find some better reading material there isn’t a lot I can do with it.

Main overriding goal is to get rid of all negative bionics and install a select few specific bionic to return her to “full strength”, working list so far is Metabolic Interchange, Subdermal Carbon Filament, Titanium Skeletal Bracing, Monomolecular Blade, Shockwave Generator, Sonic Resonator, Sensory Dulling, Uncanny Dodge, Expanded Digestive System, Muscle Augmentation, Wired Reflexes and Synaptic Accelerator. Anything else I find I’ll consider but those are the ones I’ll be looking for.

Edit: Dug up the perfect panel for the beginning


I attemted to fish… and i now have a month’s stockpile of food.

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