What happened to power armor?

I’m looking at the item spawn in the recent build and all I see are power armor hauling frames, interface CBM’s and salvaged power armor. Were they removed in the current experimental build to be fixed/rewritten to prevent copyright?

Or were they moved somewhere else where I just can’t see? Did they switch them over to vehicles?
Anyway help this guy out who’s been out of the dev. loop for a while now, it seems that CDDA is going through a bit of a patch where a lot of interesting things are getting switched and changed.

My first guess would have been that it was moved to aftershock like a lot of the other futuristic technology, but after checking the source I’ve realized that it was just renamed.
Look for “combat exoskeleton” (or just “combat” to include the helmets in your search).

Thanks. A lot of things have been renamed and added and I’ve found myself yelling at clouds for small things, like on how flamethrower tanks having actual separate magazines/fuel canisters now, when before they had built in tanks.