What happened to mac?

Hi. I’m new around here, and I was wandering, what happened to mac support?
Does it normally come a bit after a new update, or has it been dropped?

I’m asking because a mac version is unavailable on the main page.
Thank you all in advance.

The link to the Mac experimental was removed, at my request, given that it never actually worked in the first place. The CDDA 0.8 announcement thread still has links to Mac versions of the latest stable release, which presumably work, but for some reason just aren’t linked from the front page.

In brighter news, the situation may be changing in the near future (read: couple of weeks from now) as I may be acquiring assistance from a Mac person to hopefully get the official build pipeline working with it. Until then, since it looks like we’ll be having an 0.9 release very soon, it’s uncertain; I’m guessing a kind soul will be nice enough to provide us a build of the release version.

From the Wiki:

Mac is the least supported platform, due to almost nobody owning one.

Joking aside, I dont really know. I dont think many people do own one, I dont think any of the devs do so its sorta hard to test.

Macs are horrific computers that reflect poorly on the morality of their owners. Shame on you

OY! :stuck_out_tongue:

That said yeah, if you want an experimental mac version you’ve always had to compile your own. Once we get .9 up we’ll be on the lookout for compilation of a stable version which we’ll link to from the release post, and hopefully we get a build bot for macs sometime too. :smiley: