What does cutting your hair do?

Just a curious question.

It gives you a moral boost.

Shaving works the same way, just a minor morale boost

Yeah. Cutting your hair is a +3 morale boost that decays very slowly over the next couple of days. Since it’s essentially free I use it frequently anyway since there’s no reason not to.

But I like long hair where is my pony tail braid for getting a moral boost for putting my hair up so my neck can cool off some?

Think of it less as cutting your hair short and more as trimming it neatly and styling it. The morale boost comes from feeling neat and more “normal.” It’s a comfort thing

My post was mostly in jest, but we can go with your reasons. A comfort thing, that is what tying your back/up does. As for feeling “normal” by having freshly trimmed hair, that makes no sense at all.

How does it make no sense? It feels good in real life to get a fresh trim and clean up. In a post apocalyptic nightmare world, that bit of cleanliness and normalcy could only feel better. It doesn’t have to mean your hair and/or beard are short, people with long hair get trims too.

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If normal doesn’t do it for you, then think of it as a means of exerting control over something in a life filled with things you can’t change. Those little things can really make a difference, and taking them away deals a blow to human dignity. Getting them back must feel gooood

Hell, even when I was a kid and had long hair I liked getting a trim just to get hair out of my eyes. It’s annoying to have it fall in your face all the time.

By only feeling “normal” with freshly trimmed hair then the character would feel “weird” when not having it and should suffer a moral penalty, they would also run out of hair rather quickly cutting it ever few days.

As a person who has had long and short hair the only time I cut the long hair is when I wanted it shorter, trimming a 1/4" off long hair doesn’t do much, and there was no feeling of “normalcy” that would only apply if your character had a very specific interpretation of what normal is. Guess they could code in hair OCD, must have hair exactly between a certain length or suffers penalties due to the mental hangup. I see how this might apply to someone obsessed with military haircuts, but that is an obsession most people don’t have.

The hair tie would get your long hair out of your eyes.

The question was already answered, and if a discussion on what is or is not “normal” for hair length is going to happen would fit better in non game talk.

But I’m now going to look into making a hair tie item that gives a mood boost, for those men and ladies who have long hair.

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I’ve had long hair and short too, and it feels great to get long hair styled and trimmed. I think this may be more a statement about your personal preferences than the game.

If you like, it’s just as easy to roleplay the hair trim kit as a styling kit and imagine you’re taking the time to nicely groom and brush your hair. It’s not a special trait to enjoy that stuff… It’s more like it’d be a special trait to not care about it.

I’d be fine with a morale debuff if you go too long without grooming. I think that’d be cool, as long as it was rare.

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