What do you do while you wait for your survivor to wake up?

Even with a good computer it can take quite a while to finish sleeping, even more so if AIs are around. There’s just so many things that keep simulating in the background.

Personally, I usually either get some to eat, listen to music, or play something on my phone while I wait.

While sleeping in a lab. Which was the longest time for sleeping. I found it would take around 6 minutes. However most of my games. My last main game was in the last stable version. It wouldn’t take any longer than a minute or less. And if it were a new game, it would be like tens of seconds.

I just stare at the screen. Just stare.


I calculate the approximate amount of supplies I have, how many days I can last without having to worry about getting even more food, and how many cities I can go around during this time to find bionics and weapons. everything is often complicated for me by the fact that I ACCIDENTALLY, in 30% of the time, sleep where a fungal infection begins, which is why 1 sleep lasts 8 minutes, I am glad that mushroom monsters are almost harmless

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