What do i need to train computers?

Hi there.

I have zero computer skills, and a laptop with carges. And i have the book “Comupter Science 101”, but this will only help me train computer (intermediate)
Do i need a specific book to train computer (basic)?

You never need it, its just a tool of convince if you know how to apply it, tho locked doors never stopped me

you should be able to go to crafting → practice and train computers (beginner) since you have a laptop. The book probably says “this book can help you train 'computers (intermediate)” but as far as I can tell all that means is that the book can train you to the point where you can then practice intermediate, still using a laptop with charges as what you’re actually training with

I have a laptop with charges in my inventory.
And i know how to practice in the crafting menu, but the thing is, there is no option to train computers (beginner), nor to train computers (indermediate) even if i have the book to train this near by…

Describe the bug

Option to train computer (beginner) does not appear.
Even if a cell phone or a laptop with sufficient charges is in the inventory, no option appears in the creation menu

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create new player
  2. Spwan laptop or smartphone with enough charges
  3. Search for the option in the crafting menu / practice to train computer (beginner)
  4. To test, give yourself all the recipes via debug menu and tada, there is the option to train computer (beginner)

Expected behavior

The option to train computer (beginner) should always be available once the appropriate device is available in the inventory


No response

Versions and configuration

Win10 tiles
Experimental 65b77c9

Stats trough skills

Ok, replies like this don’t really help anyone.

As for the issue at hand:
I created a new character, debugged several of the Computers Books, a HackPro, a Laptop, a Medium Battery for it, a Smartphone, an eInk Tablet PC, a light battery, which should pretty much cover a lot of the

I go to Crafting, I check the “Practice Tab” and I have “computer (beginner)”, “computer (intermediate)” and “computer (advanced)” .

Computers (Beginner) requires:

  • Laptop Computer (50 charges) OR smartphone (20 charges) OR e-ink tablet pc (20 charges)
  • Computers Skill of 1;
  • Computer World OR How to Browse the Web

Intermediate requires Computers Skill of 4, Computer Science 101 OR Computer Science 301 OR Pro Hacker Secrets

Advanced Requires Computers Skill of 6 and Principles of Advanced Programming.

If you don’t have these books and if you don’t have the required levels, you won’t see the recipes in your list.

EDIT: for “Basic” (assuming it’s even a thing) there probably is a specific that I probably missed so I’ll check what it is and if I find it I’ll post it here.

EDIT2: Adding the Debug Mutations and learning all recipes, there only seem to exist 3 Computer Training Recipes.

Difficulty Ranges
0-1, 2-4 and 5-7 respectively from Beginner to Advanced.

Agreed. Besides, I think that hacking doors sometimes despawns turrets inside.

One slightly unexpected thing (to me) is that in order to even see the practice recipe in the crafting menu, you seem to need the full theoretical minimum level+1 for it. So for example, I had to hit theoretical 6 to have the advanced practice available, which “officially” starts with level 5. I scoured a bunch of libraries, labs and light industries and didn’t find SICP. Turns out I just had to read the Principles of Advanced Programming a bunch to hit that.

I noticed you’re also training computers a little bit with unencrypting SD cards. You need to have the right USB software in inventory, and it’s probably gated behind a certain level. I’m not sure it’s actually viable on any stage. You can find many encrypted cards in industry-themed locations though.

Yeah I found that strange as well, cuz when I did the quick test, I created a level 6 Computers character to test before I unlocked all recipes.

I think it would probably be better if all the “training” recipes were unlocked at level 0 of that skill but had a level requirement to use them. (kind of like how you have a tool requirement.), if that is even possible :thinking: