What can you feed your faction camps?

Does the food have to be cooked? What are your best ways of feeding your camp?

You can hunt a large game like a bear, moose, deer, giant spiders etc. Full butchery ( a tree, a long rope+ wood saw/ hacksaw, item with a ‘butchery’, a nearby table) will provide 100 chunks of meat. You can dehydrate two chunks of meat with a charcoal smoker. Chunk of dehydrated meat provides175 kcal and it lasts three years. Farming is a good way of gathering food too. A wild vegetable can be found in forests. You can craft a wild vegetable stamp and use it as a seed. A dehydrated vegetable lasts three years. It is quite easy to gather 90000+ kcal of a dehydrated meat

Meat is good with the butchery changes. If you’re set up at a swamp hardtack is a pretty solid contender as well, assuming you have a good way to get lots of flour.

The food doesn’t have to be cooked, but there are minimum tastiness requirements and raw meat doesn’t qualify as far as I know.

Find a minion with high Marksmanship, and upgrade your camp to the point where you can send him out on hunting missions. He’ll bring back various animal corpses, which you can butcher and cook.

My current strategy is to build a blacksmith expansion and a kitchen adjacent to each other. You can use the charcoal kiln at the blacksmith yourself, so take the huge mass of splinters produced by logging missions and turn that into charcoal, then use that charcoal with the smoking racks in the kitchen (which you can also use) to turn meat into smoked meat. Smoked meat converts to camp food at 100% - I thnk it’s 360 kcalorie per chunk of meat, and it takes about an hour of your time to butcher some corpses and load a smoking rack. So with a decent hunter bringing the meat in, you can easily get ahead of the camp’s food requirements.

You can also use a trapper or foragers, but they’re not as efficient - a successful trapper will bury you in small animal corpses but they take longer to butcher for the same amount of meat. Of course, trapping is safer than hunting, so it’s a trade-off.


When can i send npcs to hunt and farm? I just got the logging upgrade but this is taking pretty long to get all the materials.

It’s just a couple upgrades away for you then.

“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” - Let them eat cake

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You can log at upgrade 5, forage/hunt/trap at upgrade 8.

It seems a bit much to only be able to hunt at upgrade 8. I have 4 npcs doing nothing because foraging(gathering firewood and stuff) sucks, and i have enough logs to upgrade but not enough food. Also, finding npcs with high fabrication is hard, even with 100 npc spawn rate

Training up the NPCs yourself is usually the easiest way.

You can train them? Don’t you need books?

That’s how you train them up yourself.

It doesn’t take that much stuff to get NPCs to fabrication 5, which is enough to build pretty much everything. Plus you can train them in a big group.

Welp, off to find 101 home repairs

How much food do i need for the week long upgrade, after the logging one? I have 7 days worth of rations but it still says i dont have enough food

Honestly not sure, I usually keep at least a month’s worth of food.

My own suggestion is to make a battery of about five smoking racks, kill a moose, do a full butchery, and make something like 200 smoked meats and cooked offals. That will usually last quite a while. In my last game, I did about the same thing using a basement full of cellar spiders as a meat source. Anthills and beehives are also great.

You should need 7 days worth of rations, but there might be some rounding errors.

Im a bit scared of building things in case the upgrades might destroy any furniture i build. I already lost my funnels when the fire brazier was placed so I’m unsure of building anything else

Once the kitchen is set up mostly, you should be safe. Just watch out for tents.

You can always use debug to give yourself back something that was deleted by an upgrade. That is most definitely not cheating.

Working on non-destructive upgrades but it’s slow going for many, many reasons.

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I feel like the whole concept of the camp upgrades system could use rethinking into more of a designation based system: player places a surrogate building designation and then asks the camp manager to construct it, or places an order through the bulletin board, allowing players to have more say in layout. I’m sure that’s a long way off though