Some ideas

Some random ideas. Hope you guys don’t think they are stupid.

some buildings need more stuff:

Bar: pool cue and pool balls. not real useful. very little liquor. Shouldn’t there be more licquor?
Coffee Shop: I think these are new. the one I found had nothing in it. I see a broken console. I am guessing that may have a use in the future. would be nice to find coffee. I get it that they are new
Restaurants: how about more food and licquor and drinks? they usually have less than houses.

I think farming has been suggested. how about the ability to grow vegetables? you have to make a fence or animals get in? can get or make fertilizer to grow better?
how about if you grow it in a contaminated area it is radioactive and can make you sick? so yo have to check? needs to be tended to grow. so you cant make gradens all over the place and leave them or they get destroyed?

fishing, but we would need more rivers/ponds to be worthwhile

new buildings:
water towers
eletrical plant: can charge batteries and stuff here. this is probably really valuable. so should be like a hospital/bunker with special spawns so its hard.
prison: like from walking dead…
oil well/ oil refinery (like plant. special spawns, but lots of oil/gas)

new trait
allergies: spring can be bad for people with this. sneezing makes noise
cold/hot affinity: you get bonuses in summer for hot affinity and pentalties in winter. vice/versa

bow rebalance:
the bow got weakened in previous versions. I use the bow alot. I think its too strong. At level 3 I took down a hulk in 2 shots. I always start with archery. took out a cop too. have not run into soldiers. in the past i could not get through their armor

shields: riot shields. these can be good because they are light and clear so you can see through.
wooden/metal shield: heavier, can make you tired. but can help with defense alot. make a craftable strap for them so you can wear them with less encumbrance

flamethrower… see oil refinery for fueling. if you are not good with them they can explode and kill you. in melee can explode if hit. but nasty at range. can strap to car .

super hardcore mode:
how about like ADOM, mobs get exp. the more you kill the stronger they get? up to a point. so you are never super powered.

new mobs:
aliens: this is not just a zombie game. how about an alien base? differentt types of aliens. Zombies attack them. so maybe you can lead zombies to them? This might be hard to code.

Special Zombies
Boss Zombies that are uber powered based on real people:
I mentioned this once. How about zombies based on celebrities? I am partial to Zombie JFK/Zombie Teddy Kennedy/Zombie John Adams/Zombie Tom Brady (fits with New England)
Zombie Roseanne Barr (she gets a bonus for running at you since you can’t stop her).
make them boss mobs. Zombie Bin Laden (this might touch a nerve, but you do get to kill him again?)
Zombie Roid Freak: Body Builder went zombie
Zombie Seal Team 6 (uber zombies)