What are you not telling me, Cataclysm?

Good joke but coitus isn’t implemented yet. Maybe not ever unless someone really wants to.

I won’t mind some morale increasing action between my character and her male friend though.

I knew it, I’ve been playing ken dolls this whole time. Joking aside, there are a lot of possibilities for wearing a condom aside from it’s intended use. They could make super fragile water proof socks and gloves or be worn over the face so you can anonymously (lol) rob another faction.


Imagine getting robbed by this guy.

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Lol, poor mans gas mask. Bonus points if you slide straws under the edges for your buddies to exhale into. Only true stoners need apply.

Pornmag, vibrator, condoms…cudgel? I think Alonso is getting desperate.

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Poor Alonso, you bet he’s desperate! If the porno mag & vibrator fail, he doesn’t have cheap wine amd rufies to fall back on. That’s where the cudgel comes into play.

Ooh! That could be a new starting character! I know there’s a lost submissive, but we could have a degenerate. What is it? Psychopath that has no guilt? Addiction resistant & pain tolerance. Above average speaking/bartering. Maybe a point of tailoring for making “cheeky” outfits?