What are some things that should be in the Cataclysm?


A way to cut off only singular sleeves and a way to only try to wear things on the normal arm so the Fusion blaster arm is less cancerous.


A camouflage system, you have to clean clothes constantly, otherwise, your character’s smell range is greatly increased. Plus all clothes have variations of coloring, like bright yellow, dark brown, etc. that affects your visual camouflage (Just to satisfy my need for a solid snake character, lol).

Maybe having bright colors scares away some animals, and makes you’re character more socially impactful, while having camouflage has it’s obvious benefits.


I know this could be pretty easy to json into the game, but maybe have a zombie martial artist who is basically an unarmored bio operator.


Bio-operators have their martial arts and training because the bionics are wired directly into their brain and so are usable by the blob controlling them; its description is intentionally misleading regarding this, I feel. Zombies “remember” nothing, and are distinct only by their physical state when they reanimate. I thought a martial artist would just be a tough zombie.


No, because how would grenadiers retain the ability to use hacks and know that the grenadier would explode if they were to smack their pack of grenades. The blob is a parasite that uses its host to its advantage, not destroying it outright, of course the blob wouldn’t know most (or mainly care for that matter) what a person’s life was before the Cataclysm, but it wouldn’t outright destroy the brain too, thats why zombies soldiers have such an interesting description too.

Also forgive me for not exploring too much into the lore, but it would be almost impossible to “wire” it into your brain, unless it was something specifically that made their muscles go into their training, it’d be much more efficient to just train to learn the martial art.

I mean if it people were able to wire in a skill, it would be a wonder that we weren’t readily prepared and dominated the Cataclysm in the first place. (The Dwemer from the Elder Scrolls are a great example of this: why not transfer the mind of an old man who has the smartest mind, into a younger person, right?)


Sleeping after 30 mins of trying, without tossing or turning. Now i’m not an expert on sleeping, but I’m sure that research says that after about 30 minutes of closing your eyes and not moving you’ll eventually fall asleep. This would easily be fixed with the insomnia trait too, by just making the character toss and turn all night long.


Grenadiers are in the process of being phased out, alongside zombie scientists, because they don’t represent the established lore that Kevin has stated. They’re being replaced by robots that have the same functions, last I checked. Whenever an “intelligent” zombie or creature is pulled for adding to the game, this is typically cited, such as the case of the zombie burner, which was originally going to use its flamethrower before this was deemed not only far too destructive but also not realistic for how the blob acted.

The blob’s intelligence and coordination comes in the form of a hive mind. Individual blobs - and by extension, individual zombies - are extremely dull and possess little more than basic function. There are “brain blobs” in slime pits that act as coordinators, but these blobs don’t control zombies themselves.

The martial arts are trained because motor controls cause your body to respond in certain ways, and the knowledge of how to use those is wired into your brain. I think of it like that the blob can access what bionics provide along with the rest of the body, but they are clearly not intelligent creatures, given the fact that they walk into obvious traps and can’t path around simple obstacles.

The Cataclysm happened from a coordinated attack by that hive mind, which had seeped into the ground water earlier before, and a nuclear exchange between the major powers, and the portals in laboratories being breached and causing acidic rain and extradimensional monsters spewing out, AND the robots being misprogrammed and shooting everything on sight, A N D the sentient fungus known as the Mycus beginning to take over everything its spores could reach. It wasn’t just a zombie apocalypse, it was a combination of every apocalypse! The fact that the blob mutated its hosts in a matter of hours didn’t help much, and nobody knew to pulp them.

People were absolutely able to wire in skills, but it was in its infancy when the Cataclysm struck. Bionics had not expanded out onto the core markets and were still available mostly for the military, who were solely unprepared against extradimensional threats that struck from within - especially when many of them were housed in the same laboratories from which the horrors stemmed. There was just no chance of escaping.


Alright, with the lore of that being brought into a light of sorts, yeah it makes sense. No, I realize that it’s no just a zombie apocalypse, and the robots were not “misprogrammed”, though, that part was another part of the cataclysm as apart of the unknown alien phenomenon, that much I know for sure, as if they were misprogrammed, then not every bot would be hostile towards you (with the exception being ones that cannot attack you in the first place, as they will not attack anything, no matter in how much threat they are in).

I would still find it hard to explain the martial arts being wired into the brain, as it would mean a whole new realm of the cataclysm of basically superminds being able to solve the cataclysm easily, because why not hive mind you’re best man into one super human, especially under the circumstances of Cataclysm. I think it would be easily explained with how the faulty bionic that can cause you to spasm; meaning it’s possible to maybe use the bionic to stimulate your muscles for a replicated version of the martial arts style, not completely learn it, meaning the blob, with it’s “dull” mind, would mostly not know how to use the bionic in the first place, leading the operator in a bunch of sporadic fits.

This also wouldn’t explain how zombie techies, and shockers, would know how to use their bionics to their advantage.

I think this would be more of a thing for Kevin to dispute on, and I would heavily doubt, he’d vote in favor of my explanation though.


I dont have insomonia irl but i do have a high stress job. There are nights where i literally lay in a dark room running through breathing exercises trying to fall asleep for an hour or two. Other nights i fall asleep as soon as i close my eyes. Imo the sleep system in the game seems pretty spot on with my life.



Agreed. Falling asleep in 30 minutes is typical under normal conditions, but plenty of people in the modern world can’t manage it. Going to bed at weird hours in possibly strange places during a zombie apocalypse? Yeah, I can believe some people can’t get to sleep.


the martial carts bio ops have could be from the Close Quarters Battle CBM.


Hot damn, I probably should’ve mentioned earlier Im like an apprentice at end game stuff, so far my latest-game character with normal settings is an unarmed rifle hunter at the evac start, (with a(river right next, sorta like a makeshift moat) he’s only almost at 2 with unarmed, and I’m currently trying to get him to 3 so he can use his ninjutsu’s surprise attack. Hopefully this is enough context to know that I’m so far pretty noob with mid-game to late-game stuff.

My bad about that Esther.

Also, since I either didn’t get an answer, or nobody saw the question; could you mix martial arts together? I saw on Vorm’s Quick Tips that he was using Ninjustu’s surprise attack with a fire axe even though his style menu said normal…


Ninjitsu works with all weapons so it’ll just say normal due to some weird coding oversight.


When you kill a acidic type zombie, it will disintegrate its own body (and loot?)…


I actually thought of this way back, but I only remembered it a couple minutes ago about someone commenting about POV and actually facing something; what if you could make zombies, your character, etc. from vehicles…


Suspended load ergonomic backpack (patent US7931178B2, best description in the Summary of the invention part). Currently being in production as HoverGlide, ETA is July. Posting to not forget reading some reviews and deciding if it’s really feasible (I’m not the only one to have doubts about its’ efficacy).


Destro style wrist rockets CBM


A sewing machine that cuts clothing creation time by 30%.


Sleep is interesting. I happen to have Sleep Apnea. Not only do you NOT get to sleep when you want/need. You wake up anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour or so later. A good example. Try not sleep for 22 hours and then repeat that every day.

Too little butter, scraping across too much toast T_T

But if it ends up in game. Yup. That would be an 8 pointer at least in my book lol


Dog armor. Using the k9 Kevlar vest for its purpose would be nice. Modifying it and making our own would be great.