What am i doing wrong with my vehicle?

so, new Security Van, with minor modification (larger wheels and security cameras) reaching 37 km/k and consuming what seems to be 100 l / 100 km… 4l diesel engine. I’m by no means an engineer, but this is wrong :smiley:

get the newest experimental, also install the “huge vehicles mod” if you want even more balance
if you are running both of those things, check the wheels and the engine’s condition, as they worsen the car will lose power
if everything is in check, you just have to either get a new engine OR lighten the load of the APC by removing some parts

everything is bright green, the vehicle is almost unloaded and i’m playing the last experimental. 37 km/h still seems like a grave balance issue, also the fuel consumption. the later i kinda fixed it by doubling the efficiency in json, but i have no idea what to do about speed.

Wow, that is weird. For a partial fix, turn the vehicle on and off, and the max speed will update to 62kph. That is at least a decent ramming speed for 1-2 smaller zeds. Large Electric and the V12 give similar speeds.

It looks like someone goofed up. I wouldn’t know where, though. In the meantime, a decent looting vehicle is an Electric Car. If you keep the weight under 1500kg or so you can travel 100 map tiles off of a single Storage Battery as long as you only go 32kph. Going 64kph doubles fuel consumption per distance traveled on electric, going 96 doubles fuel consumption yet again.

Recharging a single storage battery requires about 74 hours or 5 fifteen hour days of straight sunshine on 1 Quantum Solar Panel, or 3 Upgraded Solar Panel, or 6 Solar Panel. The Electric Car is made out of Lightweight Frames to start and has 24 tiles. Fill all tiles with Solar Panels and you can fill a single Storage Battery in just under 20 hours of straight sunshine (or 1 and 1/3 days of good weather).

Lastly, Rollerblades are a tad OP at the moment. They are faster than the fastest possible muscle vehicle, and when sprinting can reach 96kph WITHOUT traits. Have lower weight and similar volume to a folded bicycle. While waiting for your ride to charge, nothing beats rollerblades.