Well + Roof = Floor

Day 47: Insanity begins.

The well disappeared. The whole thing is MIA. No rocks. No pit. Not even a sign of the pump remains. It’s not like one of these zeds stole the damn thing, either. I was right there when it happened. The well was right in the corner of the house, with no room to walk behind it on either side. Standing in the door, didn’t even have to go outside and get wet to get a drink. It was there. It was no hallucination. Where else would all the past ten days’ water have come from?

The well’s position in the corner made building a wooden roof over it pretty easy. And that roof was just done being built. That roof, it’s gone now, too. Turn around right after building it, and all that’s there is a wooden floor. No well. No pump. No roof. This is a new kind of crazy. I don’t like it.

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I think all roof recipes include a floor by default, unless that was changed since I’ve done any serious base building outside of camps.

Whatever you got was probably a bug from the whole thing not knowing how all the parts should interact.

I feel like it’d be fair to use the debug map editor to put it back.

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