Can you build a roof over a root cellar?

I built a ‘roof over dirt floor’, then I dug a pit and built a root cellar. Only later did I realize the roof I had previously built had disappeared. I’m assuming this was because of the root cellar. Is it possible to build a roof over a root cellar or are they mutually exclusive?

Can not reproduce this on Windows 7 64-bit, with 0.F stable.
I did Build Roof Over Dirt Floor in three different buildings on two different z levels, dug pits and Build Root Cellar on it. The roof still existed afterwards.

Did you bash down or mine a wall or floor in it’s proximity? Doing so can cause the roof to collapse.

Since you seem to consider this a bug (as you opened this topic in the Garage), it’s important to provide all the informations you can and have: Game version, active mods and what exactly you did… Otherwise it will be just a guessing game no one wants to play.

Based on my tests it is, but the roof needs to be there first. You will need to smash the root cellar, then construct a new roof and then dig another pit and construct another root cellar on the pit.

My apologies for the unfamiliarity of the proper posting procedures. I conducted further testing on build 2021-07-19-1159 and it’s in accord with your testing. It’s possible to build a roof over a cellar, so long as the roof is built first. I erroneously assumed I did and somehow the cellar erased the roof but that was faulty recollection on my end. Thanks!

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