Welcome to wave 2!

I just tried defense mode and died in wave 1.
After that, I started a normal game.
The first thing the game tells me after character creation is the title of this bug report.

Perhaps related (not cleaning up properly after char death), is the tutorial:
After I ignited the gas pump and blew myself up, the game saved that status for the tutorial, and consequent tutorial characters will find themselves in a blazing inferno.

EDIT: the game really thinks I am still in defense mode, for when I try to save and exit, it tells me that I cannot save in defense mode, even though I started a normal game.

EDIT: when I suicided, it told me that I have survived wave 2 !. Come to think of it, I think the game congratulated me on surviving wave 1 as well, when I initially died in defense mode.

Hah, good catch. I wonder if you could get to absurdly high waves by just repeatedly dying. :stuck_out_tongue:

I imagine that it’s like status conditions and if you quit and reload the game, it might be fixed?

(The tutorial thing is an ongoing… feature. Yes, not a bug, a feature. Mwahaha.)

Yeah, quitting and restarting the game fixes the problem

Worlds are persistent, so if you blow up the tutorial room you need to delete the save in order to regen it.