Weirdness with money when trading

Recently, since the switch on how money works from it being shown as cents to dollars plus cents, I have encountered with a strange bug where I have a LOT of money yet I cannot afford anything at all:

I am not really sure what could be causing this.

Oddly I had a similar issue. When I went to an ATM it said I had that amount on me, when I tried to put it on a card the card got nothing but my balance went to 0. I think that’s an oops number and really just means you have nothing.

If you want to trade you have to go to an ATM and withdraw money from a card, then it will go into your “balance” which you can use to trade.

Oh right, I totally forgot that’s how it worked. Nonetheless that super high number is weird.

It really is. I suspect something somewhere got derped, so now it’s doing something very strange.

One day late update, but yeah the thing is that I had negative money, somehow. I just went to an ATM and input a random number when withdrawing money to a card and now I have a card with negative money in it:

At least my account balance is fixed now.