Wehicle collision weirdness

I updated to latest experimental 2128 and took my hummer for a ride and skidded after hitting a rattlesnake. I hit a dahlia with a side and instantly lost a chunk of my car. Heavy duty frame, heavy duty board and military composite armor instantly went from totally fine to pieces when I hit a flower at 64km/h. It was the tile right in front of my left rear tire.

Confirming flower-related weirdness.
Just had a bluebell destroy my entire solar panel (and just it) in 2128. I drove over it, nothing happened for a turn, then suddenly I hear 16 crashes and my solar panel explodes. Bluebell was unscratched, I had to collect it by hand.
It seems that light plants (sometimes?) are not destructible by, but can still collide with (and damage) vehicles.

There was an update to crash-handling that made flowers only collide with wheels. Sounds like a bug if not only wheels collide, or when a single non-Marloss flower can destroy a whole wheel, instantly.

I ran over some flowers in testing and the vehicle came through fine. Got stopped at 9 MPH but flattened 'em at 19+. Was driving a hatchback.


hmm, seems like there might be a weird issue when the car is over the flower when the wheel hits it, not something you encounter when driving in a simple straight line (e.g. what you’re likely to do in testing) looking at it now.

EDIT: I have a candidate fix up.