Weather change notification

Could we get an option to turn it off? When you are crafting something that takes long time, weather can change many times, and its a bit tiresome to confirm everytime that i want to continue crafting…

Uh, probably should have put it into minor needed additions thread.

Sure, but then don’t complain to us when you’re cold and wet because you kept working in the rain.

Sometimes you want to get wet.

I like the idea and it looks easy to implement, so I’ll probably write up a PR after I’m done with item action menu.

I wont. Its just sometimes i want to craft nails for the whole day of alternating thunderstorms and sunny weather.

Crafting nails takes so long that i end up burning down several houses instead.

Thats true. But still its a issue, if minor, for example, constructing stuff, often has to be done outside.

Thats true. But still its a issue, if minor, for example, constructing stuff, often has to be done outside.[/quote]

I think i forgot yet again to add that i fully support this change.

Against an option, that’s too clunky, but an “ignore weather changes” sure, also if it’s prompting you when you’re inside that’s a problem.

You mean its not suposed to do that? I am not sure whether its the case though… I ll test this.

*edit: I tested this inside my car and i had the wether change once while crafting and i did not get a prompt. So working as intended i presume.

Come to think of it, the Foo spotted notification could use the ignore button, too. Sometimes a lone Zombie repeatedly stumbels in and out of sight at extreme range while i am happily salting my fish. (there is still the ‘approaching’ warning for when it notices me)

And therefor i made my crafting chamber have no windows. And i wear earplugs while busy.

But first you have to build that chamber! Also, solar powered welder needs sun.

But salting fish is best done by the swamp… well, i guess i can build a small shack that includes some salt water.

The solarpannels over me on the roof of my car don t care whether i got light inside my car or not. ^^

But your right you gotta craft it first.