Can openers

How are you supposed to open cans…
of course can openers :stuck_out_tongue:
-small cans… 1/3 the size of normal cans holding one ration of like tuna or something
-large cans probably have 3 servings perhaps to compensate for can opener
-Super alloy cans for the lolz :stuck_out_tongue: can’t open with normal can openers

I think there’s already been a discussion about this.

Can’t remember where, though.

Super alloy cans sound so cruel. xD

I kinda like the idea. I would probably hate finding canned stuff without having the can opener but it does make sense.

i brought this up a while ago, and it was decided it would be too tedious, so we just assume that we either bash it open or cut it open, or the cans have pull tabs.

I can open a can with a knife. If I can do it, probably even my dog can do it too.

Yeah, cans are pretty easy to open with any sort of cutting or even stabbing implement. And pull tabs sound like the most probable option, considering this is an alternate sort of future.

Super-easy even without a knife.

Then again, adding Tetanus to the game and making a character with low inteligence and/or dexterity prone to hand cuts and infection if they open a can without a knife in the inventory… Could be interesting.

Almost all tins these days have pull tabs.

If C:DDA takes place in near future cans are probably voice activated, but first you have to train your cans to recognize your voice…

knife? cave-monkey BRUTES me sayz,

[quote=“elauminx, post:9, topic:5655”]knife? cave-monkey BRUTES me sayz,

Someone has been playing DayZ.

But really, it would overcomplicate a system simply for adding granularity, which for a game already as expansive as Cataclysm, is not needed.

As someone who sees fucking /thousands/ of cans a day I’m noticing something:

More and more cans are coming with the pop-tab openers. It’s safe to assume the cans in CDDA don’t need to be opened with a can opener anymore.

[quote=“Cosmitz, post:11, topic:5655”]Someone has been playing DayZ.

But really, it would overcomplicate a system simply for adding granularity, which for a game already as expansive as Cataclysm, is not needed.[/quote]

So would anyone like this as a feature? Can openers, not super alloy or anything.

In order to open cans toon must have in inventory either:
A stand alone Can Opener
Swiss Army Knife
Camp Can Opener(size of an adult thumb and almost completely flat)

4 years of necro. o_o Nice.

I wouldn’t be opposed to adding a can opener. That said, I’m not sure if Cataclysm is the best game for that.

A can opener in a game like The Long Dark makes sense because although you can open a can without one, you lose calories by spilling the contents. In a game like Project Zomboid (which, let’s be honest, only exists because of Cataclysm) I find it sort of tedious to look for a can opener if I don’t have one.

I worry that can openers would be lost in the massive amount of potential items that can spawn in any given location, making it hard to find.

Also worth pointing out that you can open a can with any knife if you have the patience, so it would probably be more prudent to implement a ‘Can Opening’ type system, the way we have ‘cutting’ or ‘screw turning’, rather than simply requiring one of those items be in your inventory.

Just my quick thoughts on the matter.

I think we can just safely suppose they have pull tabs. Or have a level 1 cutting tool as a requirement to open then.

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While for the purpose of can openers it sounds silly to me, is it possible to add a tool requirement to using or eating an item?

It sounds like something that might be useful, nothing that jumps to the top of my head right now but I haven’t had my morning coffee yet. And if it’s there, if someone really wants can openers they can just write a mod that adds a couple json lines for it.

Ok. I have thought a little more about this idea.

How about certain items require some form of can opener? I went through my local market (in new england).
This is a small list of what I’ve seen:

Requires Can Opener:
-Tomato products (whole tomatoes and sauce)
-Any large cans of product. For some reason all large cans required a can opener. Veggies to meat. Stew.
-Brown Bread (with or without raisins by B&M) and similar products of even medium size.

Has a Pull tab:
Seems any small can has a pull tab. Some exceptions though. Meat like Chicken are rather “poultry” itemswink wink and don’t all have tabs even though some do like SPAM and Whole Ham.

I really do think having the tool have more than a basic cutting property would make the game play better. No need to “open” every item either. Just as long as the character has the tool. When you “eat/activate”, it would take a few seconds longer to eat it than jerky(because of the opening process). Also, heating it will still count as a cooked food item.

It is for immersion and doesn’t make more tedium.

I work in a cannery. Every single one of our cans (With the exception of industrial sized food service type deals) have easy open pull tabs and a lot of other places are apparently trying to make the switch with modern materials making it more reasonable without harming the integrity of the seal or anything. I know CDDA doesn’t actually take place in the near future now, but all the canned products in game could reasonably have the pull tab.


Could, but just coming from my market in the part of the planet the game is set in…yeah. I get what you mean mate. Just seeing half tabs. Half require a tool.