Obtaining opened cans

I’ve been scratching my head on how to get opened aluminum or tin cans. It seems that can openers are useless, normal cans remain sealed when the food inside is consumed (???), AND, normal cans are completely 100% rubbish for anything but scrap. As far as I can tell you can’t craft opened cans or tool them open. So… how am i supposed to get them? I am on the latest experimental version and have tested this in multiple worlds with and without mods. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Wait until this bug

is fixed. It must be a recent one, though, cans worked fine* for me just yesterday.

*well, at least in that regard.

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also jars remain sealed when you consume the food in it

and the text remains blue when they are sealed correctly (it should be gray)

but at least food doesn’t spoil so it’s not a serious bug

Thanks for the answer. Just to clarify, my build is 10753 (0.E), and the world was created post-0.E. I’ll just update now and see if it’s fixed in the latest build or if its a recent bug

EDIT: So i updated to the most recent build, drank a can of soda, and the item still becomes a normal useless aluminum can.

Yeah, I’ve updated to 10766 and now it is happening to me as well. Poor Korg.