We can fabricate a tank,but still pulverize by hand!

Well, would be pretty nice to be able to install a tarp to collect rainwater on a wooden frame into large tank built into the same frame. Water faucet is definitely a must over picking up huge containers, unloading them into your canteen and then dropping them.

Yeah, mobile windmill isn’t a good thing from the realism angle. I was using the stationary-vehicle-as-power-grid use.

[quote=“KA101, post:22, topic:8342”]Yeah, mobile windmill isn’t a good thing from the realism angle. I was using the stationary-vehicle-as-power-grid use.[/quote]Basically, yeah.
Would actually be interesting to have heavier, more efficient and powerful engine, called a Generator Dynamo or something that would be too massive per it’s generated power force to mount on a normal vehicle due to weight effect on mobility (or at least, much less optimal than other engines) but be great for stationary applications due to efficiency.
Maybe i’m thinking too much from Aurora, though

You mean something like vehicle funnel? This would probably be easy to implement.

You could even allow installing it on a water purifier rather than a rainwater tank and make it instantly purify the water and store it in clean water tank.

There’s one thing uncool about vehicles right now: they are only processed when loaded. Saving (including quick and autosaving) unloads them. Funnels have a very cool feature that makes them work retroactively, vehicles do not.

[quote=“Coolthulhu, post:17, topic:8342”]K dynamics messing makes sense from the realism point of view, but I’m not sure about how “fun” it would be.

One advantage wind turbines have compared to solars: they can be made with cheap resources. DIY wind turbines exist, DIY solars not so much.[/quote]
Given how powerful and plentiful solar panels are in the game and how massive project building and maintaining a comparable windmill would be, I’m not seeing survivors using them. Especially since the game doesn’t take place in a particularly windpower-friendly environment.

Every house in the game is technically already a water collector. You just aren’t allowed to take advantage of them.

Ooooh, now i understand, gutters!
Also just realized the original point of the topic may be moot, now, i think, given that querns are in latest experimental nevermind i just reread the first page