I do believe that’d be an incident where the 2 creatures tried to move into the same time, which signifies an attack, and one hit the other, I’ve experienced this typically with dogs instead of hostile entities typically though, but hey, all that REALLY means is that they’ll be less of a problem for ya.

Actually, its a feature in the newest experimental, and I was refering to the fact that a WASP killed a BRUTE.

That isn’t that far off. Have you tried to kill such a wasp with bad melee skill / bad hit chance? Those are quiet hard to hit and a brute hits hard but isn’t the most exact with his punches.

Zombies have stupidly low armor values, because player armor got buffed and zombie armor didn’t. Player armor is “worth” about 3 times as much as equivalent monster armor and that’s even before reinforcing.

While buffing zombie bashing armor could cause problems (bashing attacks tend to be quite weak already), buffing zombie cut armor could only help the balance.

I guess buffed cutting armor would be useful.

  1. The description for giant bees say they have a stinger the size of a kitchen knife, so I imagine wasp stingers would be of similar size. Imagine being gouged with a kitchen knife multiple times. That’s what getting stung multiple times by this giant wasp would be like.

  2. Wasps are mean little fudgers, giant wasps are probably even meaner.(Also, dare I ask if there are any Giant Hornets in the game?)

  3. The brute was clearly a lot slower than the giant wasp; for every attack the brute made the wasp got in three. Superior speed likely contributed to the wasp’s victory, allowing it to easily dodge the brute’s attacks.

Never ran into a cazador I see.

I’m OK with this as currently functioning.

Some monsters are much more effective versus other monsters than you’d expect, it’s one of the quirks the infighting system has exposed. The other main one is the Benny Hill-esque scenes you get of zombie packs/jabberwocks/etc endlessly chasing lone crows or beavers over hill and dale.

I think the infighting system will probably need a few tweaks eventually.

I think it’s more of a problem with small stuff getting huge dodge bonuses. Weak survivors also have problems with hitting small stuff.

Though it probably shouldn’t be a simple -x dodge nerf, but something more sophisticated (random dodge bonus/penalty depending on size?).

I think widening random number range for hits would be the best, because it would also help with mid-skill survivors getting crits all the time.