Wallet capacities are wonky

The large wallet is about 2x the size, but it’s capacity is only marginally better than the regular wallet. It’s pointless because the player would be better off using two wallets. The large wallet ought to hold more than two wallets so that it makes sense.

The large wallet is 0.28L compared to 0.25L for the regular wallet, and has 25mL higher capacity. That extra thickness would probably come from the fact that its leather, and it also has the fancy flag - Haven’t played a stylish character in a while so don’t know if fancy inventory like that contributes to the bonus.

That being said, being made of leather is the real advantage, you can disassemble it for a leather patch for repair work or crafting.

I have seen stylish wallets, leather wallets, large wallets, and wallets.

large wallet capacity .18 + .18 + 1.32 3" .18 weight
wallet capacity .13 + .13 + 1.32 2" .13 weight
I put a large one in a duty belt and it nearly filled the pocket.
I put the regular one in the same belt and it was less than half full.
It may have been because of the contents, but I still think a large wallet ought to hold more than twice as much.

coin pouches would be cool too. Do people actually keep coins in their wallet?

the stylish wallet and the leather wallet have identical capacity as the regular wallet and they are the same size, but they are both bigger and heavier than the regular wallet.

I just got frustrated with their capacity limitations and dumped all the cash and coins into
a single plastic bag.

Correct, wallets are not rigid, so their contents increase their size.

I don’t really see why, in my experience a larger wallet doesn’t become capable of making use of its given space more effectively somehow - it has more card slots and maybe a wider opening billfold, but its also just more wallet to wrap around that space. Regardless, if this is something you want to justify, the github is always open to contributions from new people, and item updates are always easy rookie targets - Its just text files, no actual programming knowledge required. If you can fill out an excel sheet, you can fill out a json file. Just keep it reasonable and justified - I recommend keeping a water bottle on hand, for a visual indication of how big half a liter of volume is. I can see your using imperial measurements, but keep in mind internally its all metric, so the code is going to reference that.

I personally don’t usually loot many wallets unless I’ve immediate need/use for leather. I do keep a loaded cash card on me for vending machines, but the money and coins I loot go towards crafting, ammo usually.

yep, I’ve never had an instance where i actually needed to use wallets. Most of the time I just use the wallets for disassembling.
As of right now, according to the lore, and the in-game mechanics, old world money is practically useless, and in-game you just need a cash card.

I don’t know know if I can speak for everybody, but wallets are just an extra step, anything you can use a wallet for, you can do the same but better with a backpack. And I’m pretty sure most people don’t use wallets outside of RP

Would’ve been useful if I could stuff merchant cash in it, but seems that’s too big for it or something.

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Should work just fine for loose script - It won’t accept bundled currencies, but its specifically flagged to accept merch script and other currencies, without regards to size - and they’re all 1cm anyway.

Should’ve checked first if it worked now, which it does. Picking up my 100 merch takes some time for some reason, seems like I picking at it one bill at a time.

Sadly though I can’t have the surplus amount of merch
that would’ve made these wallets a boon now due to the refugee broker not giving me some for anything I provide, is this just happening to me or anybody else?