Walk of the Berserk

A new starting scenario with two jobs. Well. More of a new game mode, really.

Demons haunt you. You bear the curse and mark of Sacrifice. The mark causes pain whenever demons are nearby.
Spooky, strong demons spawn all night long (so good luck sleeping) and regular demons sense you a lot easier.

Escaped Sacrifice
You’ve fought your way out of a demonic ritual and you’ve got the scars to show it. You’re missing an eye and a hand (or arm, if that’s any easier) and now there’s zombies to go with the demons. What a day.
Starts with a broken sword, underwear and some pants. Some sort of toughness trait would be a neat bonus too.

Slayer Sacrifice
You’re Guts. You have a gun arm/hand thing, a bunch of mini-explosives, a repeating crossbow, some kick-ass heavy armor and of course, the big ol’ Dragonslayer sword. STAY BACK, YOU BASTARDS! (Still missing an eye though.)

Okay I’ll bite. What’s this a reference to?

…Reminds me of The Evil Dead to an extent…

That was my initial thought too, except the whole missing eye and sword part throws that off.


You’ve really been missing out if you don’t know what Berserk is.

Not my cup of tea; I’ve never been into Japanese cartoons.

It would be nice to have more game modes than Vanilla, Defense, and Tutorial.

It would be nice if someone capable gave defense mode some extra love.

It would be nice if someone capable gave defense mode some extra love.[/quote]
Aye, we should make our own thread on it and put it in the Library. You post about the defense mode, I put that we need more Game Modes!