Vomit monsters

Taken from this photo on the Facebook page, the comment “we need that in Cataclysm, Vomit Zombies made of Vomit. every time player throws up heavily, they have 0,1% chance to appear” added on by “and if you cut off one of their limbs it turns into another puke monster, and you’d probably throw up again, and they’d morph into that puke pile, growing bigger and bigger”

Why would it turn into a vomit zombie?
Is the ground contaminated?

I dunno it seems kind of stupid to be honest.

“The goo” or whatever its classified that makes the zombies into what they are. Its just poking fun at dwarf fortresses random monster generation. Again, just poking fun.

Spoilers the vomitmonster is me. Sorry. Heads up, the sushi isn’t any good. Don’t touch it.

Is there any normal vomitting to be done besides Heavily? I’m not counting the fungaloid deal as normal. Maybe not full-on spawn-loop barfmonsters but it’d be funny if when seeing a REALLY mutated, hideous character, you read You gag a little.

I think it could be a whole L4D deal how you’re a ‘carrier’ of it, but it doesnt affect you. And a little bit of the ‘goo’ could have a chance to come out when you throw up. (this is a really stupid idea)

Perhaps it could be something where the more mutations you have, good or bad, increases or creates the chance to make a vomit monster? I can see a character just drinking a shitload of alcohol in his car, vomiting and having an enemy to deal with while vomiting, creating more, and drunk.

I have to agree, the idea is kind-of stupid in its own right. I don’t think a huge puke-man emerging from your pile of vomit for no real reason is very lore friendly. Besides, we already have spitter and boomers, I think thats enough on the puking front of enemies for anyone.