Vision Cones. Simple question

Just popping this into the feed to see if anyone with the skill to implement them has considered it recently. Vision cones for player/npc/monster/animal would drastically change the game, mostly in good ways imo.
If not; safely ignore the post.

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This gives me DarkWoods vibes, good game, wish there were more like it. But I don’t know how effective that mechanic would be on a tilebase game. Maybe if you had controls that allows you to choose a direction to look in.

Ooooo and traits that effect how wide the cone of vision would be.

Could be interesting, could be tedious, but that could always mean another layer of “fun” huehue, so who knows.

Would be interesting becease things could suddenly sneak up on you. But might be a bit tedious with peeking as you would have to specifie which way you want to look. Would however also make stealth a option against opponent and mean that they would have a harder time spotting you. Think only agrowing 1/3 of zombies while running around the street simply becease the rest happend to be looking the other way while you passed.

It’s been suggested several times, I also brought it up for discussion, while I can’t remember why, it was rejected.

See An idea for an improved vision system, Field of Vision and Field of vision!

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