Vehicle-installed funnels won't fill with water

I don’t know what changed. I have a 60L tank and a funnel in the same tile on a vehicle, but it doesn’t fill up. Is it very slow(drizzling weather) or is there something wrong with it?

Should I just remove 1 roof from my vehicle and activate the funnel there and place jugs instead?

Drizzles are very slow to fill, and it depends on the funnel, too. Makeshift or leather funnels will take a loooong time, but normal funnels are ok. Metal funnels are the best.

I’d say just keep playing normally while it rains, and after a little while it should have filled up a bit.

Additionally, is the 60 L tank damaged? If it’s damaged beyond purple, it’ll leak whatever’s inside of it, which will prevent the rainwater from ever pooling in the tank.

The tank is green. Its just a normal funnel, 60L tank, and frame. The frame is red. It’s been days of drizzling too. Does the tile need a roof?

The frame shouldn’t cause any problems. I think it might need a roof, but I’m not sure, so don’t quote me on that. I’d recommend driving normally, looting some towns, maybe reading some books. Pass some time. Rain filling is a slow process, but it’s reliable given enough time.

If you’re impatient, you can go to a river, pond, or swamp, and fill up the tank that way.

Over the course of 6 hours, no water, not even during rain and a thunder storm. But for some reason my solar panels were still charging.

Also, can I have the tank on the side of my car? Or does it have to be on the inner part to collect water?

It can be in either. I’m not sure what’s causing your problem, since it should be working fine. All I can suggest is posting an issue on the code repository, removing and replacing the funnel, or filling it up manually. I find that leaving a canning pot out with a funnel over it is a pretty good solution.

Oh well, I’ll just keep in mind to refill at pools and rivers and stuff.