Variable seaon lengths and other season variables

Would be very cool to be able to change the length and intensity of each individual season, so you can basically simulate any temperate climate or just make up your own.

Intensity? Do you mean weather parameters?

Basically just how hot summers get and how cold winters gets. What are weather parameters?

Weather parameters:

Weather calculation:

In case someone can’t read the above:
Directly setting parameters is not possible because they are used in complex formulas that calculate things in such a way that they are consistent across the map.

Adding some specific settings like temperature amplitude (so that you can have harsh winters and scorching summers) is doable, though.

Even this would be great, I think my biggest issue is that winter is a bit too easy, all you need to is a couple layers of very easy to craft or acquire clothing and you’re good to go, actual winter gear doesn’t really seem at all necessary. As a Canadian, I’d appreciate seeing weather so cold you can barely stay outside even in full winter gear.

Is there any way to change season lengths in an ongoing game?

If you’re talking about the in game option, I recall that changing it mid game should take effect immediately. It’s measured from the start of the game though, so your day and season will spontaneously change.

Wait… how do you do this? Not from the Settings menu on the main screen, what am I missing?

In the newest experimental: Options -> Current World -> Line 17 “Season Length”

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