V0.7.1 crash on displaying certain zombie(s)

It looks like several zombies on the map were spawned with error causing game crash when I come close enough to see them.
What data should I provide to developers to find out the cause?
I set up CodeBlocks to compile windows-executable, but I am neither a C++ expert, nor an experienced CodeBlocks user. Are there any switches to compile in some debug mode or with turned on verbose logging?

Do you know what type of zombie is causing the crash? That alone would be a wonderful bit of info since I can’t seem to replicate this in the current dev version with Cygwin.

Also is this only happening on a specific world, or if you make a new one does it still crash?

I am not sure, but I got this crash in debugger (screenshot is attached). Where should I look to get more information?

This happens only on one specific world, I tried to reset the world many times, and only this one produces crashes. Sometimes worlds have another bugs.

Upd: curr_trap value changes time to time, I reproduced crash and it is now 122107348. I can provide save files if you need.