Utterly Mad forumites: What do you like about the game?

Are there any changes that you like?

You say that like we don’t appreciate that a lot of things are constantly improving… People just love complaining about what they don’t like.

I for one love the aiming changes. Gun users, especially long rifle ones have been given a massive quality of life improvement because you can actually fight at range instead of always having to rely on gun fu.

Edit: I completely and totally forgot about that mess… It’s been like a year, why you gotta go dragging up old drama?

Gun buffs are nice. It’s far better than 0.C where melee was just better in every way to guns. Stamina and general nerfs helped uncrown the king.

sarcasm No.

I like some of the mods that are included, but nothing new in the vanilla experience stands out to me as “WOW!” I guess I like the removal of clothing filthiness.

Also you’re asking this of the utterly mad forumites, a portion of whom are no longer allowed to post here or no longer come here at all.

I like the game. Seems people just want a little more awesome cool stuff and a little less harsh realism roguelike stuff right now though. Just make the awesome items a little easier to get and maintain. Crank up the strange evil supernatural/scifi stuff. Dont focus on tedious features. Dont stop features just cos they are unrealistic if they are cool.

Example: When I first read about this game I was told there was acid rain in it. Apparently its turned off now. Why? Should be more of that. Add more strange and evil weather effects. A mist that spawns skeletons, a red moon that spawns werewolves, a strange glittering lights in the sky which drives you insane, an extra harsh blizzard in the winter, meteor shower with actual explosions as they sometimes hit the ground or strong light that might blind you or sound of thunder that deafens you as they break in the sky, perhaps a strong big spore cloud that you need protection from or you will get diseased/hurt. More awesome creative stuff.

Somebody probably thought that dirty clothes was a good idea and I kind of feel bad for that person, but on the other hand someone on the dev team just shouldve said the idea was boring. Nobody likes the idea of having to clean clothes, where is the fun in that? On top of that it apparently makes you character sad to wear dirty clothes. Would doomguy or the protagonist in blood dragon even bother with such things? I realize these charcters are over the top but you understand what Im getting at here. Shouldve been done in some other cooler way. Perhaps that the zombies could more easily smell you instead if you wore the clothes. Or perhaps that you could wring out the mutated zombie blood and make something with it from the clothes, some kind of weak acid molotov. Or that the clothes simply quickly fell apart due to the mutated zombie blood unless you did something quickly, decreasing the items clutter. Its easy to make it much cooler and less tedious.

It’s not really a change for me, because it happened when I first started playing, but I like gun magazines. It’s nice to be able to quickly swap out ammo types for pistols and all.

I support the strange weather effects idea.

I have mixed feelings about the acid rain though. It was massively annoying. Sure did make creating batteries easier though.

Maybe you should ask this on our forum if you’re looking for the opinion of Utterly Mad specifically. With the exception of Salt (who showed up here while I wasn’t looking), none of these people are from UA, and indeed, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who posts here regularly (not counting RD since most of his posts are insisting he’s not gonna post here :P). Doesn’t help that a good portion of us are banned here.

Anyway, to answer the question:

There is just about nothing in the new builds that I really find fantastic, and a few things I find completely unenjoyable, which I’ve detailed elsewhere, usually along side quotes from other devs pre-2016 who say those features will never be in game since they are unfun and crap. Since filth has been removed, the two other more irritating ones would be the new car system (I can build all kinds of unrealistic crap with virtually no tools, but I need specialized shit to work on a car), and the nutrition system (it’s a game, and I really don’t want to track that much shit).

The best change is the magazine system. I don’t really like it much either, but at least it doesn’t feel horribly out of place.


I keep saying I don’t intend to be back, but every so often something drags me back on here.

I liked magazines. I saw no problem with them, but it’s sensible that they included a mod to disable them. JSONizing mutation properties is one I could’ve gotten a lot of use from, back when I was a contributor. All the other major features, well…

Filthy clothing would’ve been alright if it wasn’t completely and utterly pointless. If it had practical balancing effects sure, but a ding to morale does jack shit to balance that randomly-damaged drops didn’t already do.

Making vehicle maintenance more pointlessly realistic? This isn’t just straight out of the “bad ideas” thread. I already made a joke suggestion in that vein in the “bad ideas” thread. When you’re taking a joke suggestion from me and adding it to the game, you’ve screwed up royally.

And then there’s the nutrition thing. No. Just no. I’ve heard bullshit ranging from “catch scurvy in a week” to “the effects don’t even do anything” and such. If the latter’s true, it flat-out shouldn’t have been merged.

I hate to get salty about things like that, but it highlights the implication that most of the devs, and likely a lot of contributors, don’t really put the kind of effort into the project that I saw back when I was a contributor. I know Rivet and Coolthulhu can at least be trusted with the project, but everyone else is questionable.

Don’t forget mugling. I know you and he have disagreed in the past, but the guy does good work and alot of it. He’s had a hand in implementing some of the features that I absolutely hate, but I get the feeling that he mostly does it at our supreme leader’s behest. I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that since Granade went on his little vacation nobody’s so much as touched Nutrition\Complex Repair\Filthy Clothes (now moved to a mod by our benevolent lord and savior Coolthulu) etc.

Actually, if you look back through the post I made a while back with links to all this stuff that the other devs were saying “bad idea, never gonna happen”, about 90% of the time, Kevin chimes in at the end with a “yeah, I like it, but not right now”.

Maybe it’s just my intense dislike speaking, but I’d say he’s probably responsible for alot of the less pleasant ideas.

As much as I like complaining, lets not turn this into “what do you not like.”

Now as a whole, the question isn’t “what new features do you like,” it was “what do you like.”

Even though it’s been made more tedious, the vehicle construction system of cataclysm is the absolute tits. It’s nice and flexible. I also like the sheer range of themes that cataclysm DDA has. I think I said it long long ago, but cataclysm is/was everything I wanted in a game.

And as Apathetic says, if you want to direct this question specifically to utterly mad, you should probably go there and ask.

I like the customization, if there is something I don’t like I can probably disable or change either by mods or options.

Eh, its honestly a lot easier to say what I don’t like. 90% of the changes that go into the game are either improvements, or mildly inconvenient stepping stones on the way to improvements. While there are a few changes which I’m not a fan of, such as the massively increased vehicle crafting time (tedium is a very poor way to balance rolling fortresses), these kinds of issues are normally fixed pretty quickly, and putting up with them for a short while is an expected part of playing with an experimental build, so it doesn’t bother me much.

I’m not one of those people who left this place 'cause I don’t like the devs or the people on this forum, I left (and not even fully) simply 'cause UM was founded by all my friends on here.

Anyhow, eh, I like Cata. I really do. But it’s more of a sadomasochistic relationship. I love the game itself. And I love the scenario, and I love how it works. Yet I don’t agree with a lot of changes and a lot of the way things go. Like that perfectly legitimate mining mod that Mugling shut down. And the weird reduction in how much hunger cooked meat restores, which frustrated me, since it makes cooking a lot more tedious, at least in my case. And I’m not sure if it’s been tweaked, but I feel like my character’s getting hungry and thirsty much, much faster than previous versions. The one I’m currently playing is about two weeks old, but yeah.

By the way, whoever lowered meat’s nutrition, you didn’t proportionally lower that of cooked wild vegetables as well. Meat’s now 28 per serving, cooked wild vegetables are 40.

Besides random stuff like that I really do enjoy this game and most of its features.

Oh wait, is Utterly Mad a thing? I thought Bork was just poking fun at the forumgoers.

Yeah, it was created after a schism a while back.

It’s where all the cows graze and tell meme’s and post gifs.

That’s reasonably accurate.