Using Code::Blocks on master on Windows

Followed for Code::Blocks on Windows, but I’m getting an error: “ld.exe: cannot find -liconv.” No idea what that means. Googling around has shown me I might need to install Cygwin (which defeats the point of using Code::Blocks).

Any help?

Likewise, it would be great if the dependencies (libintl) were included in the master branch.

(It worked back for 0.6, but after the localization work started getting merge, I can’t get it to compile anymore… well, technically can’t get it to link anymore.)

Thanks in advance.

I think the best we could do is provide links to the dependencies in a stickied file, or in the COMPILING file that comes with the source. You do not need cygwin to compile though. Here is what I have setup:

  • In Settings>Compiler>Search Directories
    –++ C:\GnuWin32\include
    –++ C:\GnuWin32\share\gettext\intl

–++ C:\GnuWin32\lib
–++ C:\Users\Galen\Libraries\GetText\lib

  • In Project>Build options>Linker Settings (Cataclysm)
    – Other Linker Settings:
    -static -lgdi32 -llibintl -llibiconv"

I also have “libiconv2.dll” and “libintl3.dll” in the project’s root directory.

May be a little overkill, but it works and I don’t care for now as long as it works :smiley:

url for “libiconv” installer :
url for “libintl” installer :
url for GetText runtime:
url for GetText runtime-dev:

Hope these help :smiley:

“Alive. It’s Alive! IT’S ALIVE!”

On a more serious note thank you!!! I’ve fought with this for WEEKS! Finally I can code (badly) again!
There’s a sticky here maybe you could add the stuff to it?
You could also do a pull request to add this to the compiling directions in
And the wiki has a page on compiling at

Extra thanks for the hotlinks to the files needed, that was the part I just couldn’t seem to figure out. Nobody mentioned the libiconv and libintl part, just the gettext.
I can’t thank you enough, I’ve been so bummed that I couldn’t get this working :slight_smile:
We need to dig up Paul Revere, re-animate him, and get him to ride (lurch?) from town to town shouting this for all the world to know!!

…Okay maybe that’s a little much but this at LEAST needs a sticky somewhere easy to find for all the newbie coders (like me).