Just how different are the companion NPCs to the player character?

  1. I gather that companion NPCs can develop vitamin deficencies? Are they smart enough to eat any carried multivitamins on their own?
  2. If I leave a companion NPC somewhere distant out-of-reality-bubble spot for a long time, will (s)he die of starvation when I come back?
  3. Can companion NPCs learn unarmed/melee fighting styles? If so, how?
  4. Do companion NPCs have dynamic focus like the player character, or is it set to a certain amount for them?
  5. Can companion NPCs contract ambient diseases such as the common flu?
  6. Are companion NPCs smart enough to use ammo pouches and chest rigs?
  1. They can develop deficiencies, but they will probably gain immunity because it would be too much work getting them to understand vitamins
    2-3. No
    4-5. Yes
  2. I think yes, but I’m not sure if they will reload those or only use them if given

I certainly wouldn’t mind being able to make an NPC read those martial arts books…

OK then! Wonderful! It’s pretty awesome to discover they have focus. Perhaps there could be slight cues (messages) about very low/high NPC focus such as “Alberto Einstein looks pre-occupied / withdrawn / zoned out” or “Isaac Newsted looks sharp and eyes the surroundings with vigilance.” Although there might be initial confusion among players should such messages be implemented.

Further pesky inquisitive questions:
7. Do companion NPCs have stamina?
8. What is the clothing strategy for companion NPCs? In other words, do they for example attempt to stay below 40 encumbrance per body part? Is it even possible to manipulate them to have really high encumbrance?

Bumping into a companion NPC lets you sort their armor with a press of r. However you can also have them UNEQUIP items via this menu as well. So that means you talk to an NPC, tell them to use an article of clothing via g, sort em’ with r and kit them out as you please. If their armor starts to get ratty just strip em’ down and repair it.

Personally I prefer to go the route of kevlar reinforced gambersons for my companions, as they’re not very labor intensive.

I’ve seen it referenced multiple times but never figured out how to unequip npcs with out using the debug command to delete all… what am I missing?

you press u from the layer menu

Basically just press ? on screens like that

[quote=“Logrin, post:7, topic:11807”]you press u from the layer menu

Basically just press ? on screens like that[/quote]

How the feck did i miss that…

Now enjoy the new world in which kevlar reinforced dinosaur suits are the future!