Urine Recycling Device

our survivalists are HARDCORE. Probably want to add a trait on this so you only get limited value unless you have the trait ‘Pee Lover’.

lets inject a wee bit of humor into the apocalypse.

Good ol’ Dune. Stillsuits :smiley:

In fact, i’d like to have to pee and poop in the apocalypse. Imagine a story starting with this:

“I really had to pee, i almost wet my pants when i was sleeping. So i grabbed my gun, opened the door of the truck, and went to the nearest tree of the forest to pee. Why not peeing anywhere? You can say… it is because i like to pee in normal places. (morale boost of +10 or something if in a bathroom, of +5 if in a tree or bush). So i went, and when i was in the middle of the thing, a big growl could be heared. Smashing trees and stomping squirrels, a Jabberwock appeares. Whithout even finishing to pee, i started running towards the truck, leaving a trail behind me. It smelled strong (animals can smell your things), but i did not stopped running. I got in the truck, started the engine, just when the creature was slamming against the door. I could escape, miserably.”

And recycling urine could be a bionic “because it was made to be used in desert biomes”, and a mutation could make you pee water. Who knows.

Well, there IS a recycling CBM that, without showing you or making an extra process, “recycles” your waste. The thing about adding peeing and pooping is it takes body management to a more involved level. If it were put in, I wouldn’t hate it, but it’s something I would fail to appreciate. I’m very particular when I play games, Cataclysm even more so. I’ll put clothes on in the order I would in real life, I can’t wear 4 backpacks, and food is NEVER on the same block as tools. It may bother other people who care for the game aspects, rather than the management processes. I will say it would make for some interesting deaths and stories. But it’s something that isn’t necessary, and not particularly useful. One could argue it makes the game more realistic, however so few games that emulate reality require you to vacate your bowels or bladder.

Yeah this is an idea that comes up every now again (heh, wee humour) and the arguments for both sides play out pretty much like these two posts. The amount of micromanaging your health becomes very repetitive or even tedious without a lot of gameplay satisfaction for a number of people. In a game like the Sims, it’s welcome as the game is entirely about interior design and character micromanagement [size=7pt](And setting them on fire because you got tired of doing that.)[/size]. In Cataclysm… you have to balance that with creative play, and exploring/fighting.

I think extended body management like that might be better made as a mod for players who want a more complex survival seeds setup. I would probably use it, as I’m the sort to overhaul my copy of Skyrim until the weather, land, and the sun going down are the biggest murderers and a wolf is just a cherry on the cake of hate. But not everyone wants their hands full with so many little things to do before they can build their deathmobile and wheel into fungal spires.

Exactly what I thought of too. In before the appropriate survivalist meme, at least.

On the one hand, most Roguelikes make some assumptions about play to make things easier for the player and limit micromanagement (you see in every direction around you, you experience a Critical Existence Failure at 0 HP and are always fully able to fight otherwise, everything else is in league to try and kill you, etc). But Cataclysm actively goes against some of these as part of its atmosphere; the Pain mechanic in particular means that you’re not fighting at full capacity just because you’re at high health. You have to eat somewhat healthily, you can catch diseases, and so on.

Still, I can see it actively getting in the way of the game while you’re on a long excursion (labs, ant tunnels, triffid groves, to name but a few). It adds realism, but then again, so would adding the need to shave, cut hair, shower, wash clothes, wash your hands before eating, and so on and so forth. There was a recent discussion in a Github issue about a complicated nutrition system measuring body fat and protein and all kinds of other things to make the nutrition system more realistic, but it also made it way too complicated (especially with how scarce certain food can be in an apocalypse). At some point, a balance has to be struck between realism and abstractions made in the name of fun/streamlining.

I, for one, would prefer not to see female characters without the right clothing leaving blood trails behind them once a month or so…

Probably this, or an option that defaults to False in the options menu. Making realism an adjustable setting would let new players avoid being overwhelmed by having so much to take care of right off the bat, while letting more experienced players offer themselves a greater challenge. Kind of like how the different difficulty levels of Survival mode require you to take care of more and more needs.

I agree with the addition of urination. Give bathrooms a chance!

Probably this, or an option that defaults to False in the options menu. Making realism an adjustable setting would let new players avoid being overwhelmed by having so much to take care of right off the bat, while letting more experienced players offer themselves a greater challenge. Kind of like how the different difficulty levels of Survival mode require you to take care of more and more needs.[/quote]

I’d like to see this.

you are sick people :stuck_out_tongue:
how would you even consider peeing and the other thing in the main water source, aka toilets ? i’d rather do it in the fridge, after i take out all the food :smiley:

Just a note, Kevin Granade has already said that it needs to be fun though-- what’s the point of adding something that serves no real purpose and would force the player to perform x repetitive action or suffer a penalty. AKA too much micro is bad and serves little purpose. In any case you’d certainly need an option to choose whether to play with it on or off.

Some masochists do enjoy the challenge. (coughs awkwardly) I like Ian’s idea of opting it to off by default and making it a sort of difficulty setting rather than a hard fact of the game’s playstyle.

That’s it though. If some kind of stillsuit was implemented (or a power armour mod) sweat and urine reclamation would actually be a legit way of conserving water.
Maybe we should wait until desert biomes are implemented, it might make more sense then lol…

You could piss and shit on corpses?

Are you sure we want cataclysm to be the game about zombies and shit?

For a small morale boost if you just killed it?

But anyway, expanding on my earlier idea, perhaps bringing the Survival difficulty slider into the debug options menu would be a good idea - default it to needing food+water+sleep, but allow it to be set lower (food+water, food, nothing) or higher (more complicated nutrition systems, this thread, etc).

It’d allow for some flexibility if you wanted to, say, turn off all your needs, obtain a chainsaw and jerrycan of gas, crank up the zombie spawn density and go on a huge nonstop murderfest without worrying about needing to stop and eat.

Yo dwag, It’s already a game about zombies n’ shit. :stuck_out_tongue:
Nah, I get where you’re coming from though. Maybe just urination then.
God knows, female survivors probably don’t poop.

Also +1 Ian, sounds good, but it should be food/water/sleep and then the same with bodily functions.
I feel being able to play without thirst and hunger would take too large a part of the game out, namely scavenging for food and water.

I think Ian’s suggestion sounds like it might be better packaged as a game mode option in it’s own right, rather than several settings. My brothers and I do that with godmode and stuff in games like Oblivion and whatnot. We just call it Rambo-ing.

The main thing is that the work/reward ratio just isn’t high enough to justify adding completely new in-depth systems only a small portion of the playerbase is going to use them. We’re better off just working on other things that improve the game for everyone (now if someone else wants to step it up feel free, we’ll be sure to look at any PR’s and potentially merge them, but the main devs probably won’t be doing it anytime soon).

For a small morale boost if you just killed it?[/quote]
Personally I’d be a little hesitant about doing that in a world where dead corpses (Even those you’ve killed!) regularly stand back up again. It seems a good way to get yourself killed :P.

I’d like to go on record as saying that while such a system might add a few new challenges, I’m really not interested in the game requiring me to take in-game potty breaks while killing zombies. I’m here to kill monsters, to make awesome supertruck-deathmobiles, to hunt for laser guns in abandoned laboratories. I’m not here for a urination simulation.

Eating, drinking, and sleeping? Those are fine, since it’s a survival focused game and all, but I really don’t see the need to have to incorporate the final stages of digestion into gameplay.

I can’t speak for anybody else, but that’s just my take on it.

If you get to pee all over the toilet I get to have +50 on morale every time a zombie thinks my glittery nails are awesome. And honey, I got pregnant with the Radio Bear, so go fetch a cure for this zombie peecrap from some lab and make me an appointment at dr. Swansons, I saw him lurking in front of the doctor’s office.
Give me back my purse after you empty it from whatcha call “fertilizer”. A lady can’t have a decent day in whole of apocalypse from y’all urinsamplers.