Urine Recycling Device

And what about if you pee, or poop, and if you have a lot of survival or first aid thing you can actually see your diseases?
And you could drink and eat your poop. And throw poop. And burn it. And use it as compost, like in Don’t Starve with the beefalo poop. You could attract zombies to a side of the town with it, because it has a really strong essence. The essence would be hidden if you do it in a toilet. You could do that in night in a forest and creatures will be less likely to attack you. You could pee your truck’s wheels and make it a zombie attractor-zombie crusher. You could pee an item of yours and to the same.

Now it gets to my mind, to take your clothes, “paint them” with blood from a zombie, and hide your essence a bit. Coulb be really good in the night.

Yup, I think poop is funny. So does DeVito, and the whole cast and crew of It’s Always Sunny in Philly.
The thing is that if you poop you also pee. So you’d also need a container for pee, and a neat little shovel for the poo. And for your doog. Your dog needs water too, you know? Another container for him, and a week or so of potty training for the pet.
I understand that you can make helluva fertilizer from poop. Say, you’ve got some coding skills and you code some horses in for that matter. That’s a load of horseshit for what you want, every day, and besides the meat (for the dog, and you). Then you can construct a Ballista and shower shit on the whole town. So zombies can smell you, your horses AND your dog a thousand feet away. Until you decide to clash your minions, wielding your weapons of poo and pee, with the undead predators.

Or you can have that CBM. The one that’s stuffed in your digestion system, telling it to make better use of the consumptions. And another CBM that melts Zs into shit on sight.

If you are going to suggest something, be serious. If you are going to explain your point, be serious too.

I’m confused now… I’m to be serious about shit or just serious? :slight_smile: