UPS weapons not usable on vehicles?

There are UPS charger’s one would then think we could mount these on vehicles.

Specifically, I found an arc cannon. I don’t think it’s from a mod.

Shoots lightning, and just sounds fun as hell to have mounted on top of a metal vehicle. As much fun as my old dual flamethrowers… (Up til they lit the gas tanks on fire… but that’s beside the point).

Anyway to make this work? Am I missing something or why doesn’t it work?

Vehicles hold a LOT of power anyways. It seems odd there’s no converter to make these work.

I’m pretty sure the Arc Cannon comes from PK’s mod and that it should be vehicle mountable. Artyom’s mod also has something with a similar name if I recall correctly, don’t know if it’s supposed to be mountable.

I don’t have PK’s or the Vehicle Addition pack installed…

uses 25 UPS charges per shot and it’s kind of sad I cannot mount it.

EDIT: Found my mods.json for the world.

maybe it’s whatever is “FIC_Weapons”? Fictional Weapons - hmm sounds about right.

Did you try making a turret frame first and placing it on vehicle, maybe the option to mount your cannon will appear afterwards.

there is a vehicle mounted lightning weapon in blazemod’ i think the tesla-cannon (can you still mount blazemod turrets on storage battery cases?)

If Laser Canon is a blazemod turret (seems same concept, just higher energy needs) and if you mean on vehicles powered by storage cases with UPS Charger, then yes. (0.C-16771-gcceac62)