Update 00efc6d7fe -> 8cad4da7d9 results in focus being set to 1 and all skill progress removed

Are there migration instructions? This is clearly not backwards compatible.

My focus was set to 1 and all skill progress removed, e.g. throwing 6+23% became throwing 6+0%. There might be other changes that I missed. Reverted back to former commit.

That was probably when everything was multiplied by 1000 to allow a finer control of progress rate. It messed up a bunch of stuff, but I think it’s generally fixed now. I guess one thing they didn’t allow for is keeping progress on skills when upgrading builds. You could fix it manually, if you really want to go to the effort of doing so, but personally I’d just go “Eh, experimental build waddya gunna do?” and suck it up.

Here’s the one-time migration patch: dpaste: ../scaling.patch