Unending noise after biulding burned down

So i found a farm being overrun by the fungus things. I set fire to the spore fields and the tool shed got burned down. Being an isolated farm, I wanted to make it my home base now that the fungus was gone.

The only problem is that the now completely burned down shed is still making noise long after the fires have burnt out. Is there any sort of work around to get the noise to stop because it’s interrupted every single thing I do, let alone trying to sleep.

What kind of noise? “CRASH” or “Footsteps” or anything?
Does it say it comes “from below”? There might still something in the underground burning…

For the workaround:
You can blacklist (ignore) noises in the Safe Mode manager.
You can find or craft noise canceling gear so you can wear them to sleep uninterrupted.

It’s entirely crashes, no footsteps or anything. No mobs or NPCs are nearby.

Also, on what build version of the game?

I have had the exact same problem as well, and the noise was always from above. It was always crash like he says, and the two winch and pulleys for the shed door were still there.

It was the game version previous to today’s update.

Well, fire burns upwards and, even after the fire on the ground burned out, it will still float one Z-Level higher up, even if there’s nothing to burn. This usually causes lag, but I did not notice any noise in the cases I experienced - it’s possible that this changed somehow or that some part of the building higher up still burns.
I’m not sure why this would loop the collapsing sound, though.

I had the same thing happen in experimental 0.D, was fighting fungus on FM’s ranch and accidentally burnt that big barn on the west side(whoops). I returned there dozens of times, and it was constantly “CRASH!”-ing from above, even despite there being nothing on the 1st floor. Like 2nd floor didn’t have any supports and was trying to fall down but for some reason it was… falling on itself? I guess?

edit: @Avalon: wish for a stepladder, set it near the burnt shed (but not right under it, make it 5-10 tiles away), climb it and check what is happening on 2nd floor with your(character’s) own eyes. Who knows, maybe it will be something worth posting a bug report.

wasnt that bug already fixed?, but yeah better go with the idea of the step ladder, or is any other way to go up z level near it. And have you tried going out of the reality bubble for a time and then come back?

I ended up starting a new run, and i havent had the bug repeated.

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