Log walls

Do they have any special requirement?

Because I’m trying to build them outside, and I have logs, heavy sticks and a stone shovel (the recipe says teh stone shovel is okay) yet I can’t build it.

Got the required skill level? Check the number at the top of the recipe, and see if your construction skill is equal or higher.

Also, they can only be built on deep pits. Not the shallow ones, you have to dig a square twice for it to become deep. This is presumably so that the logs are well-supported rather than falling on your face as you try to sleep.

Yeah, a deep pit is required. Although I should just make that an inferred part of the construction and add to the time, rather than forcing you to dig a bunch of pits.

Oh so deep pits are required. Okay, since the recipe uses shovels as tool, I thought the deep pit digging was already assumed.

Off to building log walls I go.

Huh. I’d imagined Palisade Walls as logs sunk vertically (into Pits) and tied together, whereas Log Walls were logs notched/wedged together & stacked horizontally, one on top of the other. Wouldn’t have guessed that the Log Walls also needed a foundation Pit.