Unable To Place Specials Message

Im getting a message saying “Unable to place all configured specials, some missions may fail to initialize.” Not sure what is causing this or how it’ll impact my playthrough, would appreciate an explanation.

you probably have mods that add too many mandatory specials. what could happen is when you start a quest, maybe a special will fail to place.

Go to your recently created world folder and open the mods.json, there might be a mod that does this error…


the weird thing is the error doesnt come up when I accept a mission, it happens randomly as im out and about. Just realized though, it could be the mission “Download Workstation Data” for the refugee camp, I went to the marker for the quest and I couldnt find the station in the lab.

turns out its not the workstation data mission, finally found it, no idea whats causing it. could be a mod but other than getting the error message occasionally im not seeing an actual impact in the game.