UI bugs

In the latest experimental, when you scroll upwards in the negative traits, you sometimes glitch out the UI or cannot reach addictive personality. No error vomit.

Also, in the character screen, someone went and disabled tab movement and forced it to be > (which is a lot less convenient and tab isn’t even being used).

The escape thing is because they unbound tab for menu cycling or something

I’ve already reported a much bigger bug I ran into, custom fonts aren’t rendered properly on 1932, but are in at least 1910

Edit: yeah, my bad, font this was my problem

Wuzzy disabled Tab in the menu because it’s used in some screens to flip genders. And I believe pingpong’s resolved the font issue, or at least closed the Git report.

… that doesn’t make all that much sense, really. Why disable a single press key and replace it with > over what the keys meant in character creation?

Edit: Also, it is not a font issue. It looks more like an issue with the vector as holding up causes it to skip over addictive personality. Holding down will allow you to reach it, but then you get a blank entry.

This has the unfortunate, and unacceptable, side effect of breaking the “View Items/Creatures Near Player” (‘V’) functionality, as you cannot switch to View Creatures.

I’m submitting this (broken ‘V’ menu functionality) as a Bug Report.

EDIT: Bug report already exists as #8576. I’ve added comment noting broken ‘V’ functionality.

EDIT2: I just discovered that ‘>’ and ‘<’ do provide the same functionality, although this is NOT noted in the ‘V’ viewer, and the ‘V’ viewer still hints TAB to change view

EDIT 3: Newest update by Wuzzy sounds like a fix:

I wish there were options for next tab/previous top in the controls.