Tutorial videos

Hello all, I come (hopefully) offering help instead of seeking. I feel this is the relevant subforum nonetheless.

I’ve recorded a few tutorial videos for absolute beginners, I wouldn’t expect anyone here needs them but I’d appreciate feedback on whether they’re useful or if I got something horribly wrong. I’ve just covered really basic stuff so far (it aint thrilling talking about options menus) but I hope to make videos about vehicle creation and whatnot in the future. Just three parts so far:

Part 1 - options menu and character creation (ohgodyawn)

Part 2 - movement and in game menus

Part 3 - day 1 supply runs and basic combat tactics

I realise my voice could put an insomniac to sleep, better snort some meth before you watch.

Very nice!

It sounds like we’re going to have a new stable build soon. It’s going to be full of awesome new things for you to discover for your videos!