Tugging at the thread of reality (thread duping bug)

6 inch string can be made indefinitely with no resource input. Having sinew or plant fiber close enough to craft with seems to also satisfy the requirement for thread. When asked what to use to make the 6 inch string with, if you select thread it will craft the string, but not use any of the plant fiber or sinew.

Tested in version 0.9-1166-glaf62d1

Same version, and now iv loose my world because i was stuck in an infinite loop (auto crafting of this item) and because it’s instant i wasn’t able to stop by any way.
Tryed alt-f4, and now if i restart the game i end with
"Attempted a recipe with no available composent!"
and the game close.

I know that using experimental version mean i can loose my guys because of bug, but is there some way to unstuck him ? (very hight skill, own house near lava, large crafting area … meh)
Well, if it’s no, i’ll just re start over.

You can edit your save to stop what your crafting. I believe it is listed after all the animals as current mission. Sorry I can’t be more specific, I am on my cell phone for the hollidays.