0.B Tiny unloading bug

It’s something really small but something i found anyway. I’m currently living in the wilderness and i got a bone needle and sinews and loaded the needle with them sinews. I then needed the sinews for something else so unloaded the bone needle which gave me back thread. Apart from only really changing the name from sinews to thread (unless thread can do more than sinews or the other way round) it does nothing. I got the same amount back from what i put in etc. Barely even noticeable but decided to post it here anyways.

I…believe this issue is already known ; and pretty old too. Same works with plant fibres and yarn as well. I think it would be rather…hard (or unnecessary) to make sure the game remembers how much Thread/Sinew/Plant Fibres/Yarn is inside the Sewing kit.

Yeah pretty much everything you can craft with thread you can substitute plant fibre/sinew so there’s no balancing issues or whatnot.

Yep, known and accepted as not worth fixing. Thanks for not reporting it in future.