1920 Build: Crash


I recently had a crash while playing the most recent 1920 experimental build.

Unfortunately I can’t recall everything, as I clicked through everything in a furious rage about probably losing my character…

I wanted to craft a makeshift knife, had a spike already produced, and then decided to craft a “small string” via crafting menu. And that is when it crashed. It said that something about the saves was not working.

Also; though that is porbably not a bug: I was peacefully sewing myself a nice backpack, while a skeleton crept in my house killed my static NPC (!), and then proceeded to almost maul me to death, at that point that was basically my death sentence, and at least some warning would have been extremely helpful.

EDIT: Yup, crafting a small string definitely crashes the game. What the reason for that is, I don’t know.

EDIT: Same crash when trying to craft a balaclava.

I am running Linux Curses btw.
Please fix this soon, as it is rather game-breaking.

Fixed one crafting bug recently. Try latest, let us know?