Trying to test, can't find the Wish menu

I think I may have found a bug, but I can’t find the keybind.txt file to enable the debugging commands. Was this feature removed?

I’m using build 2267 aka. 9edc0ef dated 10/20/2014

Just change the keybindings in-game via the help menu (?).

I don’t see the Wish menu listed in that keybind menu

FYI The Wish menu is a debugging menu that lets you spawn items, monsters, force yourself to a location and do some other stuff useful for testing. It used to be a commented out section of the keybind.txt file.

I know what the wish menu is, and if you can’t find it, then I can’t help you. IIRC it’s at almost the very bottom of the keybind menu.

It’s not called the wish menu. Try the Debug Menu.

(Debug Mode is for extra error messages, etc.)

There we go, thanks for the help.