Has the debug menu been removed?

I know this question might seem stupid, but was it removed? I’ve tried many times to access it, but once I do it just shows a bunch of asinine filters. My reasoning for accessing, believe it or not, is to experiment. It’s like freeform for me; having the ability to experiment and create unique scenarios or role playing essentially. That, and I would like to also see just how much this game has to offer (obviously, a metric fuckton).

(This is my first post, so sorry if there is something wrong about my phrasing. But I simply have no clue how to access the thing, and mashing every button on my keyboard and scowering the internet hasn’t worked.)

Have you bound a key to it?

Unless it changed recently, it’s unbound by default, and without a key set you only get minimalistic options…

Press ? while in game (or ESC[1] Display keybindings menu) and assign a key to it (ideally one that isn’t bound already for something else).

Yeah, I bound it to ‘,’ but when I open the ‘menu’, I get shown a menu called ‘debug filters’. There is an option to turn on the menu, but when I do, it does nothing. No amount of experimentation has helped me.

Hm… Which version are you currently trying to do this in?

And just to verify: Did you assign a key to “Debug menu” or to “Toggle debug mode”?

I’m on the recent experimental version, and I have the key set to toggle debug mode.

And therein lays the problem. Reassign the key to debug menu if you want to access the debug menu.

Thank you, I did that a few hours ago and it worked.